Costa Crociere

2nd Engineer

November 21, 2011
Costa Crociere
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Responsibilities include (but are not limited  to):

 1) Making at sea and in port watch in the Engine Control Room and Engine Room when/if necessary. During watch the Engineer Team Leader is the Chief Engineer’s representative.

 2) Checking and evaluate competently the operation machineries and correctly implement changes in gait during the watch

Minimum of the following system should be covered  where applicable: 

Main Diesel engines with systems and equipment.

  • Electrical Engine Propulsion with system and equipment.
  • Main and Auxiliary Switchboard including automatic and manual operation.
  • Automation System Control such as ABB, VALMARINE, etc.etc.
  • Auxiliary Diesel engines with belonging systems and equipment
  • Boiler plant, with related pumps, pipes, valves, heat exchangers, and sludge burning devices.
  • Evaporators and Reverse Osmosis plant with associated equipment, including, but not limited to pumps, pipes, valves, softening filters and mineralisers.
  • All chemical dosage plants for fresh and sea water.
  • Analyses and dosage of boiler water, cooling water, and heeling tank systems.
  • Soot Blowing / Infrasonic system.
  • Diesel-oil, fuel oil, gas-oil, and lubrication-oil systems. Pre-heaters, separators, cleaning equipment, and transfer pump
  • Bilge, Ballast and Heeling systems with related pipes and valves.
  • Emergency diesels with related systems.
  • Steering gear and related systems.
  • Stabilizer systems.
  • Propeller shaft and stern tube with related systems and equipment.
  • Starting air compressors and receivers
  • Working air compressors and receivers.
  • Instrument air compressors and receivers.
  • Air Compressors for Bow Thrusters.
  • Emergency air compressor and receiver.
  • Watertight doors with hydraulic systems.
  • Shell-gates with hydraulic systems (including tender embarkation platforms).
  • Lifeboats, tender boats, and rescue boats engines
  • Winches for lifeboats, tender boats, rescue boats and life rafts
  • Bow Thrusters with belonging hydraulic installation.
  • Pneumatic valves, with belonging systems.
  • Azipod and Fix Pod lubricating oil systems including Steering Gear and associated hydraulic systems.
  • Remote controlled valves ( AMRI, PLEIGER, RIZZO, etc.etc )
  • Clutches, reduction gear, propeller shafts and stern tubes, with belonging system and equipment.
  • Hydraulic plant for pitch propellers.
  • All steam valves, auto and manual.
  • Filters for the pitch variable propeller such as LIPS and KAMEWA system.

3) Mentoring the 2nd and 3rd Engineers new embarked in order to train them as per Company Standard and to  fill in relative document.

4) Mentoring the 3rd Engineer, Engine Cadet and all the watch collaborators during watch hours and during other than watch duties in order to create a work Team

5) Familiarising with all safety plant like High Fog System, fire system, sprinkler, emergency bilge and all the other emergency plans including emergency manual operation in case of some malfunction in the automatic system.

6) Communicating with the Bridge Watch Officer in order to correctly cooperate during the watch and to  follow the Master’s and Chief Engineer day/night standing orders.

7) Reading, understanding and following  the Company, Master and Chief Engineer standing orders related to the watch keeping but not only limited to.

8) Reading, understanding and following the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental procedure related to the watch keeping but not only limited to.

9) Filling in all the record books ( oil record book, grey water transfer log book, black water transfer log book, oil to sea interface log book, engine scrapbook, monthly report, etc.etc…. ) and documents as request by Company rules and Chief Engineer.

10) Informing  Chief Engineer immediately and directly whenever an environmental and safety system is improperly functioning. He /She  shall always strive to ensure that all environmental and safety system within his/her department are operated and maintained in compliance with the Company Standard.

11) Taking care of the detail ( A, B or C ) assigned by Chief Engineer to his /her  function. Details are as follow but not limited only to these machineries or plants. Referring to the details on every single ship.

Team Leader A: steam generators and relative auxiliary, fresh water generators and relative auxiliary, osmotic plant and relative auxiliary, chemical analysis, etc.

Team leader B: lube, fuel and diesel oil separators and relative auxiliary; MMPP and DDGGG skid, air compressor, etc.

Team Leader C: bilge, sludge separators; fuel, lube, diesel oil transfer plant, stabilizer, thrusters, etc.etc.

12) Verifying, updating and planning the machineries maintenance in accordance  with the work planning on INFOSHIP and Staff Engineer indication. Refers to and follows  the machineries operating, maintenance and instruction manuals in order to increase his/her  specific knowledge.

13) Verifying inventory and quantity in stock before to request spare parts and material in general, including  control of  correct spare part / consumables requisition before Chief Engineer endorsement.

14) Collaborating  efficiently with the Engine Store keeper in order to manage the requisition chain and  to keep  the stores in good order.

15) Showing a good attitude in order to prepare and manage an audit conducted by internal auditors.

16) Showing a positive attitude in order to collaborate successfully with Colleagues, Superior, Subordinates, Contractors and with other Departments. In general, must show great interest and curiosity to learn from Superiors.   

Please note:

The recruiter advertising this job can accept applicants only from Central Europe for this position.

This cruise ship job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.
Costa Crociere

Costa Crociere

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