Kids Entertainer / Children Entertainer on a ferry

July 30, 2019
Child Care Jobs
Youth Counsellor

Children`s Animation / Kids Entertainment (Polish and English speaking)

in the period from 28.06.2019 to 24.08.2019

We are seeking hosts for kids’ entertainment to join our team on a well-known ferry on the route Świnoujście, Poland <–> Trelleborg, Sweden.

You will manage a group of children (mostly Polish speaking) involving them in games and telling stories in order to keep them entertained during the crossing from Poland to Sweden and vice versa.

You should be an extrovert, friendly and open-minded person, service oriented and have to ability to take directions. If you are also professionally driven and love to entertain, educate and be around children – you could be the perfect candidate for us.

We offer short term contracts from 1 week to 8 weeks: as a freelancer or employee.

A competitive salary, food, accommodation and traveling costs to/from the ferry in Świnoujście are included.

Fluent or at least very good German or English, but for sure Polish is required.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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