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An Amazing Consultant - Learning & Development Manager Role With An Awesome FUN Cruise Line

October 29, 2019
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From $4600US per month worked TAX FREE!

Hi and I hope you are well.

Here is A SUPER OPPORTUNITY for you to have a NEW ADVENTURE with... thanks for looking at the FABULOUS bits:

  • Role: Learning and Development Consultant
  • With: A BRILLIANT 4* Cruise Liner
  • Salary: From $4600US per month worked TAX FREE
  • Rotation: 12 weeks on and 4 weeks off rotation
  • Berthing: Single Cabin
  • Reports to: HR Manager onboard and Captain
  • Visa: Reimbursed 100% (must bring original receipt to vessel)
  • Medical: Reimbursement - Up to $200.00 US dollars
  • Hours: Must be flexible to work 10-12 hours a day
  • Uniforms: Covered 100% on-board
  • Transportation: To and from the vessel is covered
  • Rank: 3 stripes / this position will cover HRM onboard as and when required
  • Start date: SOON!
  • Website: On application
  • JD: On application
  • Required: Any job offer (after the interview journey - usually 3 interviews) would be subject to the candidate successfully sourcing: a US C1/D visa ($160US), a medical (£500UK - with a $200US refund if the candidate goes shipboard), an STCW Security Awareness Certificate (£50UK) and a Police Background Check (£25UK). If the candidate is unsuccessful with sourcing any of these, a job offer could be withdrawn by the employer.

YOU the Perfect Candidate

  • You will currently be in a Senior L&D role in a LARGE organisation.
  • You will have worked at all levels of the business in a consultant style role
  • You will understand and be able to show evidence of your impacts and improvements to the business operation.
  • You will have experience of partnering with senior leaders of the enterprise to enhance their leadership talents, skills and savvy.
  • You will have experience of facilitating leadership development programmes which will be evidenced on your resume / CV.

If this really great opportunity is for you and you match the requested work history and background for the role, please send me your up to date and professional CV. Kindly ensure it has all of your contact details clearly listed with the correct telephone numbers on too.

I am here to help should you have any questions and I look forward to supporting your application. Should you need to contact me at any time, please feel free.

Best Regards

Russ Simove

STCW Certificates

You will need valid STCW certificates to apply for this position. Find an STCW course near you.

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