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Environmental Officer
July 17, 2022
  • Job ID: 11131
  • Rank: Environmental Officer
  • Employment Type: Fixed Term - Temp
  • Joining Date: Mar 1, 2022
  • Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship
  • Engine Details: Sulzer 16ZAV40S
  • DWT / GRT: .

We are currently recruiting for experienced ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER for cruise vessel CHARMING, which sail on an Asian Itinerary.

 Contract 4 months +/-1
Wages in USD/per month worked on board - to be advised upon interview
Experienced as such, must hold all valid Certificates - preferably with C/O unlimited CoC

Licence / Qualification requirements;

Required – Deck or Engine CoC

Desired – Deck or Engine CoC

Line Manager; Staff Captain

Direct Reports; Garbage Operators

Responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;

Deck Department Responsibility 15 – Environmental Operations

  • Assisted by Sanitation Officer for issues regarding garbage management and disposals.
  • Assisted by Chief Engineer for:
    • Air Emissions and related matters,
    • bunker transfers and fuel quality,
    • Oily water discharges,
    • sludge offloading
    • garbage related equipment.

Responsibility for:

  • The verification and oversight of shipboard environmental management and compliance at the planning stage of the voyage with all applicable environmental regulations.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Hazardous materials and hazardous waste management
  2. Garbage management and disposals
  3. Waste water discharges
  4. Air emissions
  5. Bunker transfers and fuel quality
  6. Oily water discharges and sludge off-loadings
  • The environmental training of the crew and promotion of environmental awareness amongst passengers.

Deck Department Responsibility 16 - Pest Control

  • Assisted by Sanitation Officer

Responsibility for:

  • Co-ordination and organisation of the ship’s pest-control procedures.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of pest control and instigating corrective action where necessary.

To assist the following with their responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;

Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 13 - Public Health Monitoring

  • Assisted by F&B Manager (day to day matters)

Responsibility for:

  • Monitoring compliance with the requirements and health standards set or required by International Authorities, Port Health Authorities and other relevant bodies are met.
  • Conducting Public Health sanitary inspections to facilitate the above.

Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 14 - Water Treatment Monitoring

  • Assisted by Ship Services Engineer

Responsibility for monitoring and recording the treatment of potable, service and swimming pool water and, where this treatment is not of an acceptable standard, the initiating corrective action.

Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 20 - Cadet Training

Responsibility for co-ordinating Cadet training on board and ensuring that any training programmes or requirements are adhered to.

Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 25 - Tender Operations

Assisting in tendering operations as required by the Staff Captain.

Additional Duties

The Environmental Officer shall provide oversight of the environmental processes on board. In addition to the above their duties will include the following;

  • Liaise with the First Officer regarding environmental limits for voyage planning purposes and provide a two-person-check of the Voyage Plan prior to the Navigational briefing.
  • Prepare schedules to be used in conjunction with the Voyage Plan notifying relevant parties of the vessels position in reference to various environmental areas.
  • Assist Staff Captain with Potable Water and Swimming Pool monitoring.
  • Weekly inspection of the following Logs to ensure environmental operations are logged correctly and if not that discrepancies are reported;
    • Deck Log Book
    • Garbage Record
    • Engine Log
    • Oil Record Book
    • Environmental Log
    • Responsible for the storage and offloading of Hazardous waste.
    • Ensure that planned maintenance assigned to their discipline is conducted and reported.
  • Coach and train Junior Officers.
  • Prepare appraisals for ‘Direct Reports’ in accordance with V.Ships policy.
  • Attend passenger social events as directed by Head of Department.
  • Partake in inspections, trainings and meetings as directed by Head of Department.
  • Other tasks pertaining to departmental operations as directed by Master and/or Head of Department.

Additionally when the Environmental Officer holds a valid deck CoC the following can be considered at the Masters and Staff Captains discretion, not detracting from the responsibilities outlined above:

Deck Department Responsibility 23 – Bridge Watchkeeping

Deck Department Responsibility 24 – Mooring Stations

Assist Staff Captain with Deck Department Responsibility 1 - Stability


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