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Assistant Cruise Director
November 19, 2022


Full co-operation with Cruise Director. In charge of all administrative duties except disciplinary matters which will be handled by the Cruise Director.


As Cruise Program Administrator, You are responsible for the following:

  1. Collaborates with the Cruise Director to review the requirements of the day's administration, correspondence, notices, policies, procedures, and any other related tasks.
  2. Using the company's Operations Manual and specified entertainment requirements for the assigned ship; execute the program in a professional manner appealing to Passengers all ages, nationalities and tastes.
  3. Support the Program Publisher and the Program-ITV in preparing the DP, organize the daily Cross Checks and provide training if necessary.
  4. Manage the International Host team and organize their daily duties. In the absence of an IH, the CPA can perform travel talks etc, if able to speak the required language.
  5. Prepare the monthly library inventory to be sent to the relevant Corporate
  6. Help the Cruise Director to assign cabin accommodation (within company policy) for all entertainment personnel.
  7. Ensure all Entertainment personnel receive a personal copy of the Captain's Standing Orders, Dress Regulations and Employee Handbook.
  8. The CPA will be the evaluator of the IH's and Program Publisher.
  9. Report to the Cruise Director any irregularity within or concerning the International and Publisher host/hostesses.
  10. Ensure all Entertainment personnel comply specifically with Company requirements relating to non- smoking, no chewing gum, dress, assembling in groups Passenger areas, occupying Passenger tables, chairs etc.
  11. A Uniform is not assigned for this position. The CPA will be required to wear appropriate office attire while on duty.
  12. If needed by the Cruise Director, make authorized announcements relative to safety and emergency instructions, navigation information, entertainment, activities and Passenger services, in an order of languages determined by the Passenger population.


  1. Proven organizational skills
  2. Working understanding of computer programs (Windows- based, Word. Excel, and pagedesign)
  3. Clear geographic knowledge of the Cruise Area operated by the ship for which positionapplies.
  4. Above average skills in tactful, diplomatic crisis and problem handling
  5. High degree of oral, written communication and negotiation skills
  6. Proven ability to work in a harmonious productive team environment.
  7. Ability to communicate fluently in, English is a requirement.·
  8. Ability to communicate in Italian, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese may be required for future career development.· Preference is given to candidate able to communicate easily in all above languages
  9. Proven experience and expertise in a similar position for at least two years at sea or ashore


Passport with at least twelve months of residual validity

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

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