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HR Manager (shipboard)
August 30, 2022

Department: Human Resources

Employment Type: Contract

Reporting To: Captain


Serves as an onboard overall people team resource to support onboard leadership and teammates with building and strengthening culture in line with Seabourn Mission, Core Values, brand strategy and Culture Essential behaviors through the DEI lens.
The HR Manager leads the onboard HR team and acts as the onboard HR business partner expert, providing pragmatic and sound advice to the Captain and the management team that is in line with both the organizational priorities and based on current employment legislation, and best practice. Effectively promotes and advises shipboard HR policies and programs, liaising with all departments to create an optimal work environment that  aligns  with  and  supports the  Company  strategy, assists  with ensuring Global HESS compliance, and supports shipboard management and team members.
Partners with senior leaders, ship and shore, to diagnose people requirements and develop effective solutions that support the ship as the business needs evolve. Adheres to confidential requirements of the role and assures that all information by the team is handled confidentiality.

Key Responsibilities

General Responsibilities

  • Always maintains visibility with team members and has an approachable demeanor.
  • Assures that all HR services are delivered to the team members in accordance with the Company expectations.
  • Supports and partners with the onboard Crew Office team and works together to resolve and escalate any issues or concerns.
  • Effectively implements any new HR Policies, company initiatives or other applicable internal or external HR related requirements.
  • Oversees and follows up with department heads on any T&A concerns and discrepancies as elevated.
  • Oversees and assists the crew office with embarkation tasks as needed.
  • Assists in any port or various authority inspections and conducts all onboard HR audits as required/applicable.
  • Produces timely reports as needed.
  • Attends shipboard meetings as required.

Employee Relations

  • Effectively consults with employees at all levels through listening objectively and providing solutions that support positive business results.
  • Efficiently and confidentially manages employee relations, harassment and discrimination allegations, and conducts prompt and thorough investigations, in conjunction with the onboard Security Officer, as appropriate.
  • Liaises with HOD’s and Medical team for escalated and high-risk situations.
  • Acts as a shipboard liaison between team members, officers, management, Fleet HR and the wider shoreside HR team on employee relations issues.
  • Promptly escalates HR related concerns as required to the Captain and shoreside HR team.
  • Utilizes conflict resolution tools and mediates for win-win solutions.
  • Facilitates new-hire surveys and exit interviews; takes appropriate action to resolve any shipboard or other related issues raised as necessary.
  • Performance management, promotions/succession plan and disciplinary rules and procedures
  • Oversees performance management process and addresses any concerns as needed.
  • Works with onboard team to coach management and team as needed and collaborates with LDM to implement any training/coaching as appropriate.
  • HRM oversees the succession plan process and closely collaborates with onboard leadership and shoreside teams to ensure that appropriate training for candidates on succession plan is implemented by LDM
  • Facilitates onboard investigations with Captain and Security, prepares the Investigation summary report and provides next steps suggestions.
  • Works collaboratively with all levels of management to consistently improve business results and meet business objectives through following the Company's disciplinary rules and procedures.
  • Provides clear and concise guidance with development, delivery, and follow-up of performance improvement plans and appraisal evaluations.


  • Oversees LDM training onboard and assures compliance is adhered to, as well as onboard management and team member requirements are met though collaborating with LDM on any expressed shipboard needs.
  • Facilitates necessary HRM presentations

Culture and Core Values

  • Always demonstrates commitment to the Company’s values, beliefs, goals and initiatives.
  • Consistently upholds our Core Values and the Culture Essentials.
  • Promotes a culture of safety, compliance, transparency, care and trust through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. Serves as a role model.
  • Acts as a Company representative and always portrays a positive image of Seabourn to all guests and fellow teammates onboard and ashore.
  • Always maintains professional, effective, and motivated working relationships across all functions. Deals with feedback positively and strives for continuous improvement.
  • Fosters teammate’s wellbeing, actively engages and supports onboard activities that strive to enhance it.
  • Promotes a harassment-free environment at all times.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information at all times.

Safety and Compliance

  • Monitors shipboard operations to ensure they are in compliance with HR Policies and Procedures, Global HESS, MLC 2006, relevant Fleet Regulations and other applicable internal, external, and governmental regulations at all times; promptly reports any deficiencies to the Captain.
  • Provides guidance and coaching to managers and team members, and immediately addresses non-conformities and reports them to the Captain.
  • Always promotes and advocates the Company’s Global HESS culture and programs.

Skills, Knowledge & Expertise


  • Bachelors or Master's degree/diploma in Human Resources or related field.


  • Minimum 5 year experience in progressive HR management positions showing growth in responsibility, including managing a team.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Able to demonstrate a solid track record of working in a number of different HR disciplines preferably in a large and complex organization.
  • Experience of managing complex employee relations cases and change management programs.
  • Knowledge of Maritime industry regulations, laws and MLC 2006 preferable.
  • Experience of mediation and/or facilitation and the ability to gain mutually acceptable outcomes.
  • Ability to develop professional relationships and establish credibility quickly.
  • Able to provide authoritative advice on complex workforce issues and demonstrate advanced influencing/negotiating/presentation skills.
  • Strong analytical management skills.
  • Prior shipboard experience preferable.
  • Commitment to follow established policies and procedures.
  • Able to work independent in order to perform objective audit and reporting tasks.
  • Able to work well and communicate sensitive and contentious information on complex HR issues to team members in all functions.
  • Ability to multi-task and handle constantly changing priorities.
  • Leadership, training, and organizational skills demonstrated through past experience.
  • Ability to keep information confidential at all times.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including written and verbal English communication. (Marlins score of 90 and above essential)
  • Working knowledge of computers and the ability to navigate within a variety of software programs such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Working knowledge of database programs and the ability to work with these types of programs proficiently.

Physical & Travel Requirements

Physical Demands:

  • For the safety of yourself and others on board, certain physical abilities are expected to be maintained.
  •  Must be 18 years of age or older
  •  Must be able to perform normal and assigned emergency duties.
  •  Must be able to work varied shifts which can average up to 12 hours per day, every day while on board.
  •  Must be able to climb vertical ladders, and stairways; step over high sills; and manipulate door closing systems.
  •  Must be able to work with arms raised; stand and walk for an extended period; and enter confined spaces.
  •  Must be able to don a lifejacket or immersion suit; crawl; feel for differences in temperatures; handle fire-fighting equipment; and wear breathing apparatus (where required as part of duties).
  •  Must be able to maintain qualification of the Seafarer Medical Examination
  •  Able to pass basic safety course.
  •  Able to work 7 days per week.
  •  This is a minimal description of duties. Other work requirements may be necessary and assigned as business or maritime law dictates.

Travel Requirements:

  •  Must be able to obtain all necessary documentation to travel and work onboard.

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