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Shore Excursion Manager
August 6, 2022
  • Job ID: 395
  • Rank: Tour Manager
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Joining Date: Aug 1, 2022
  • Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship
  • Engine Details: Bergen C25:33L8P
  • DWT / GRT: 1166
V.Ships Leisure are is currently seeking an experienced German Speaking Shore Excursions Manager to join Mystic Cruises, a Portuguese cruise company dedicated to operating expeditionary cruise programs in the Antarctic and other remote locations. With a focus on offering unique experiences in an eco-friendly way, Mystic Cruises allows guests to explore the unspoiled landscapes of the frozen continent with all the comfort of a five-star cruise ship.

Candidates interested in the position should meet the following requirements;
→ Small ship/expedition experience
→ Knowledge of MXP is a bonus
→ Min. 3 years in a 5-6* Hotel or onboard small ship
→ Excellent management and communication skills
→ Fluent in English and German language

Reports Directly to


-       Hotel Manager (Onboard)


General   Responsibilities


-       To recommend and sell tour activities to Guests and making the most of their shore side experience and to offer suggestions and recommendations to all Guests regarding all our ports of call.

-       To escort and participate on tours as needed to ensure the tour operates to the Guest’s and Mystic Cruise’s standards.

-       Manage the Shore Excursion Team and the daily Tour Office operation, ensuring that the desk is manned at all times when the office is open.

-       To answer any Guests questions regarding tours, ports or individual private requests in a courteous and professional manner.

-       Conduct regular Shore Excursions Presentations to the guests with PowerPoint to stimulate sales.

-       To provide Guests with the most updated information with regards to tours (such as, but not limited to changes, cancellations etc.) in the form of a letter or a flyer and to distribute it accordingly in a timely manner.

-       To send out Tour Order Forms to all In-Transit Guests prior to the beginning of the upcoming cruise, along with a letter containing information on the turn-around port.

-       Check and be responsible for any material distributed to the guests from the Shore Excursion Department.

-       Ensure the Booking forms and any relative material is printed and supplied to the Housekeeping department for embarkation delivery into the cabins as well as additional materials needed during each voyage.

-       To liaise with relevant Department Heads about the number of Guests participating on tours.

-       To attend when possible any functions/social events onboard to increase guest interaction and help with onboard ratings. Except in exceptional cases when a cruise is very busy or when office hours don’t allow it. Not all Shorex staff need to be at an event at the same time but it’s important that at least one ShorEx always attends functions and talks to the guests to gauge their satisfaction with our tours and service.

-       Must be able to cross-train the Assistant Shore Excursions Manager for vacation cover or for promotion to the Expedition class ships.

-       Prepare the disembarkation groups and send out the luggage tags with letters for each cruise as required.

-       Other responsibilities, as assigned, but not limited to the above.


Operational Responsibilities


-       Ensure that every bus or tour group is escorted and that the onboard team is organizing the escorting duties as required for each port of call. Escorting is an essential part of the duties to be organized and prepared by the Assistant Manager who needs to ensure escorting materials and procedures are followed as outlined in the Hotel Operations Manual.  

-       Follow proper communication procedures as outlined in the Hotel Operations Manual to ensure proper communication channels are followed at all times to keep all onboard departments and shoreside management up to date on all matters that directly or indirectly affecting their operation.

-       To ensure that any Maintenance issues in work areas are reported in a timely manner and that the work orders are followed up on accordingly.

-       To adhere to all Company Policies and Procedures, Manuals and Directives.

-       Maintain all records and upcoming voyages in MXP as needed

-       To be responsible for the daily dispatching of tours and coaches in each port of call.

-       Communicate daily with Tour Operators as needed for each port to ensure all arrangements are in place for all tour arrangements.

-       To prepare items such as, but not limited to tour packages, briefing materials and manifests etc. to ensure that tours run accordingly to guest satisfaction.

-       To create Port Description sheets for each port of call, (containing the most updated information regarding attractions, opening hours and logistics etc.) of the particular port.

-       To do research, to write and to record lectures for broadcasting, including significant sights and touring options as well as corresponding pictures.

-       To create the Tour Order Forms for current & upcoming cruises with the most updated dispatch times and/or operational changes.

-       Ensure all handover notes are completed and that at least the next 2-3 voyages are setup in MXP and all onboard systems to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming replacement manager.


Financial   Responsibilities


-       To be cost conscious with the use of office supplies and other consumables in the Tour Department.

-       To ensure that Company property is maintained properly and treated with respect at all times.

-       Overseeing the day to day accounting procedures. The charging and canceling of shore excursion tickets, private arrangements and discounts.

-       Complete and sign all Tour Operator Invoices in each port prior to leaving to ensure the correct and best tiered rates are used and agreed with by the tour operator. Have printed and refer to the internal Shore Excursions Financial Documents to use and agree on tiered rates with tour operator.

-       Complete in a timely manner all relevant revenue & voyage reports to be sent to the Hotel Manager, Chief Purser and Shore Excursions Operations Manager.

-       Ensure all charges and accounting issues are correct and finalized to close every voyage with the Chief Purser prior to disembarkation being completed and guests leave the ship.


Team Communication   and Meetings


-       To attend the relevant HD meetings to ensure the current cruise or following cruise is organized and any potential issues addressed. Coordinate with the Hotel Manager, Cruise Director and Maître d’ for any Shorex related assistance or restaurant opening hours adjustments needed.

-       To attend department head meetings each cruise and review the current cruise and the upcoming cruises. Make sure all operational & potential issues are conveyed to then find possible solutions.

-       Liaise with department heads and Cruise Director for any operational assistance required (German speaking staff for translating duties for example).


Safety   Responsibilities


-       To practice Safe Lifting Techniques at all times.

-       Emergency Duties:

  • To follow instructions noted on Safety Card.
  • To participate in Guest/Crew Lifeboat Drills as per instructions.

-       Other safety responsibilities, as assigned, but not limited to the above.


Education/Position Requirements


-       College Degree/Diploma beneficial.

-       Hotel or Tourism School beneficial.

-       Good geographical knowledge of the world and ports of call that Mystic Cruises visits.

-       Minimum of two (2) years’ experience as Shore Excursion Manager onboard a four (4) or five (5) Star ship.

-       Experience in preparing and conducting live presentations of Shorex Excursions.

-       Must be fluent in written and spoken English and German.

-       Excellent interpersonal and public communication skills.

-       Must have very good administrative skills (proficient in Microsoft 365, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

-       Very good organizational skills are necessary along with the ability to multi-task.

-       Must possess the ability to interact with all levels of people.

-       Must be able to remain calm under pressure.

-       Must be service minded with an outgoing, charming and friendly personality.



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