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Assistant Shore Excursion Manager
March 17, 2023

Department: Shorex

Employment Type: Contract

Reporting To: Shorex Manager


Assist on board with promoting and selling shore excursions and private arrangements and ashore with all aspects of the shore excursion operation as directed by the Tour Manager.
The Assistant Destination Services Manager has a great responsibility in making decisions, which can greatly impact the ultimate guest experience. Decisions made during cancelled ports of call or tours is crucial in ensuring that alternatives are offered and in compliance with Seabourn standards whilst ensuring budgets and targets are achieved

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage tour escort recruitment in collaboration with the Hotel Manager.
  • Assign and briefs tour escorts on their duties and verify tour escort reports are returned and followed up on.
  • Assist Tour Manager with dispatch and supervision of the shore excursion operation, including escorting and supervising shore side luncheons and other critical venues.
  • Escort tours as directed. Compliance with SOP Tour Escort.
  • Maintain Seabourn Square hours consistent with itinerary needs and maintain office and office equipment in good working order, including filing/administration systems, computer systems, guest sales and service materials, order forms, promotional literature and port information.
  • To be familiar with and execute the Seabourn HESS-MS appropriate to their position.
  • Also his/her responsibilities in the safety organization according to the Emergency plan and station Bill. In addition, to be familiarized with IPM program and attend training as directed.

Skills, Knowledge & Expertise


  • Fluency in English, written and spoken, and preferably one other modern language (Spanish, German or French)
  • Computer literacy- experience with TTG, DTS, IATV, Crunch Time, Excel, Word


  • Comprehensive understanding of details of tours offered in each port.
  • Familiarization with main highlights and attractions of each port as well as the ship’s docking location relative to each.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Team oriented and ability to function effectively with ship and Shore side personnel Ability to interact with upscale and demanding clientele
  • Willingness and personality to work within structured shipboard environment. Flexibility to perform multiple responsibilities.
  • Must abide by shipboard standards of behavior, dress and grooming as per Hotel Department guidelines and uniform rules. 

Physical & Travel Requirements

Physical Demands:

  • For the safety of yourself and others on board certain physical abilities shall be maintained. Must be able to bend, climb, perform repetitive motion, and repetitively heavy lift.
  • Must maintain physical fitness to perform tasks associated with job.

Travel Requirements:

  • Passport – valid for a minimum of 6 month Flag state issued seaman book
  • General flag state or flag state approved marine fitness medical United States C1/D visa
  • English Marlin test at minimal score of 80% Pre-employment medical examination

Working on a cruise ship is very different from any land-based occupation. Working hours are longer and work is more intense due to the constant demand of the guests. You have to be very flexible in your working hours, which on occasion might have to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. The Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 however strictly regulates these.
Apart from the working hours there are strict rules which all members of the ship’s company need to adhere to as stipulated by the Master’s standing orders. You work in close proximity with your fellow crewmembers and therefore respect among all is essential.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line

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