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Bar Manager
November 22, 2023

Department: Beverage Services

Employment Type: Contract

Reporting To: Food Beverage Manager


The Bar Manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their team creates the finest travel experience onboard our vessels. They follow up on all service procedures and encourage their team to interact positively with their guests. The Bar Manager is also responsible to cost control to achieve the voyage budget keeping in mind that all decisions made are focused on the success of the company and the highest guest satisfaction.
Reporting Relationships:
The Bar Manager reports directly to the Food and Beverage Manager supported by the Hotel Director.
Position has 3 Professional level reports – Head Sommelier, Sommelier and Bartenders 

Key Responsibilities

  1. Ensures that all beverage stocks in the bars and in lockers or pantries are used, stored and accounted for following company policies and guidelines. 
  2. Establishes proper communication with the Provision Master to ensure that they have all the items on the menu. 
  3. Ensure all Beverage Menus on the ship are up to date and reflecting the latest FSP pricing according to items available in the stores. 
  4. Oversees that all other existing beverage standard operating procedures are in place, adhered to and being followed throughout the ship. 
  5. Maintains and updates sales records and reports as required by company policy. 
  6. Ensures that all outlets are requisitioning products from stores as needed and in accordance to SOP 07-002 Complimentary Beverage control 
  7. Reports any challenges with Overages of budget immediately to the F&B Manger 
  8. Responsible for seeing that the staff receives the necessary training for the efficient execution of their duties on daily basis if needed. 
  9. Appraise all Beverage staff as per STAR evaluation system 
  10. Once a cruise monitors the Change in manning and communicates with the F&B Manager for any upcoming challenges in crew changes. 
  11. Ensure that all late bars are properly manned, that bars are left in good order at closing and that any unusual occurrences are properly dealt with. 
  12. The ability to follow mixology recipes and ensure that standards are maintained consistently. 
  13. Mixology tasting is essential to controlling the quality of the products according to company policy.

Public Health:

  1. Ensures that his Team is following company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene.  
  2. To be familiar with and execute the Seabourn HESS-MS appropriate to their position.



  • Formal degree in Food and Beverage management from a recognized institution or extensive working experience as a manager in a large beverage operation. 
  • Proof of continuing education translated in certificates or letter of participation in specialized courses, seminars and tasting. 


  • Two years of working experience as Bar Manager in a fast pace 4 or 5 star environment with an international clientele. 
  • Strong command of the English language combined with good verbal and written skills. 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 

  • Thorough practical knowledge of beverage operations. 
  • Knowledge of public health and sanitation regulations and procedures and should go through the USPH course in Miami and get to a refreshment course every 5 years. 
  • Working experience with an extensive beverage program that entails premiums and super. premiums in all beverage categories. 
  • Ability to train and motivate and to conduct public speaking seminars on beverage products. Ability to plan, coordinate and implement work schedules according to business levels. 
  • Ability to plan, execute and follow up on beverage promotions and other activities that will increase sales and enhance our guests cruise experience. 

Physical Demands & Travel

Physical Demands: 

For the safety of yourself and others on board certain physical abilities shall be maintained. Must be able to bend, climb, perform repetitive motion, and repetitively heavy lift. 
Must maintain physical fitness to perform tasks associated with job. 

Travel Requirements:

  • Passport – valid for a minimum of 6 month
  • Flag state issued seaman book
  • General flag state or flag state approved marine fitness medical United States C1/D visa
  • English Marlin test at minimal score of 80% 
  • Pre-employment medical examination 

Work Conditions:

Working on a cruise ship is very different from any land-based occupation. Working hours are longer and work is more intense due to the constant demand of the guests. You have to be very flexible in your working hours, which on occasion might have to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. The Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 however strictly regulates these. Apart from the working hours there are strict rules which all members of the ship’s company need to adhere to as stipulated by the Master’s standing orders. You work in close proximity with your fellow crewmembers and therefore respect among all is essential. 

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