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V.Ships Leisure
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April 1, 2024
  • Job ID: 34076
  • Rank: Cobbler
  • Employment Type: Contract
  • Joining Date: Apr 5, 2024
  • Type of Vessel: Passenger Ship
  • Engine Details: Wartsila 8L46B
  • DWT / GRT: 2980

Position Summary


  1. Responsible to sell and deliver high quality, efficient, individualized, excellent handcrafted products and personalized service in accordance with Company Policies and towards a goal of achieving financial target and guest satisfaction.


Reporting Structure


  1. Reporting to Onboard Revenue Manager & Preludio Brand Manager (onboard reporting the Hotel Director)





  1. Actively promotes Preludio products
  2. Maximizes all opportunities in the process of closing a sale.
  3. Effectively prepares and presents handcrafted products as per guidelines provided by Preludio guidelines.
  4. Employs technical selling skills and product knowledge in all aspects of the handcrafted Preludio products.
  5. Ensures accuracy when quoting guests sandals and takes guest product selection by POS
  6. Maintains open hours as required.
  7. Consistently meets assigned targets per cruise.
  8. Sells consultatively, using active listening skills and makes recommendations to guests.
  9. Provides a courteous, professional and personalized service and handcrafted product.
  10. Ensures that working station, dedicated cobbler area and fly case are set up according to Company standards, maintaining them in a clean and orderly fashion.
  11. Ensures that the station is organized and clean.
  12. Presents the selection of material to the guests according to what is available and describing the composition and features of handcrafted products
  13. Asking guests any feet particular feature, which may help with handcrafted product and assist them with the right choice.
  14. Ensures a prompt service and personalized approach to guests.
  15. Ensures that the handcrafted product created follows Company standards.
  16. Ensure regular inventories and liaise with MARFI to have proper stock onboard.
  17. Properly and carefully handles all items.
  18. Coordinates with Preludio and places orders for materials as required.
  19. Ensures the readiness for any announced or unannounced Public Health inspection, whether it’s completed internally or by external authorities.
  20. Properly and carefully uses ship equipment and truthfully reports faulty or broken equipment.
  21. Monitor and responsible deliveries for cobbler material.
  22. Attends all training sessions with the aim to further improve his/her level of performance.
  23. Displays a thorough knowledge of the ships daily activities to be able to advise the guests.
  24. Confidently and professionally engages with guests, using the guest names at all times.
  25. Adherence to the Company’s code of conduct at all times.
  26. Assists guests with their general requests/needs in an efficient and prompt manner.
  27. Practices preventative maintenance.
  28. Keeps the Hotel Director promptly and fully informed of all problems and matters of significance.
  29. Adheres to Standard Operating Procedures set forth by the Company, is accountable for such practices.
  30. Incorporates Company service standards, personalized service and sincere hospitality by creating positive experiences for guests, efficiently engaging with guests and anticipating guest needs.
  31. Practices good people management, maintaining proper conduct with all departments around the ship. 
  32. Observes and enforces uniform and grooming standards according to Company policies.
  33. All other duties as assigned.


Safety Duties:


  1. Participates in crew and passenger safety drills according to instructions.
  2. Always complies with the Company’s safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures.
  3. Participates in all mandatory training.
  4. Leads by example by taking care of Health and Safety of self and others.
  5. Ensures that all work equipment, personal protective equipment, chemicals and safety devices are being used correctly.




  1. Valid STCW certification.
  2. Experience in handcraft cobbler or shoes maker
  3. Experience in a similar position.
  4. Physically and medically, fit.
  5. Moral integrity is required.


Language requirements:


  1. Excellent fluent English (verbal and written). English is the working and safety language on board Silversea vessels. This also includes the ability to give and receive instructions in verbal and written forms and to effectively and efficiently engage with guests and crew members. Conversational in additional languages is considered an asset. (German, French, Italian, Spanish).


Computer knowledge:


1.    Good working knowledge of POS system and tablet navigation.


Physical Demands and Working Conditions:


Required to stand, walk long distances, reaching and sitting. Repetitive motion of bending, going up and down stairs. Lifting or pushing of up to 50lbs. The position requires irregular schedules. Works inside and outside venues of the vessel with noise, light traffic and distracting environments.

Sales skills and front customer experience required



  1. Maintains a positive and approachable personality.
  2. Punctual.
  3. Proactive approach to problem solving.
  4. Ability to be adaptable to change, quickly thinking, able to make decisions under pressure whilst maintaining attention to detail. Well organized, self-managed and motivated. Handle multiple demands, remain calm and effective under pressure and resolve issues quickly.
  5. Effective, full, clear and concise communications is essential.
  6. Respects the privacy of guests and colleagues.
  7. Respects the contribution of fellow crewmembers and actively promotes teamwork.
  8. Safe, professional and personal practices. Knowledgeable of the Safety Management System and MLC requirements.
  9. Ability to live in close quarters; share limited space with cabin mates.
  10. Well-groomed and neat appearance.
  11. Ability to deliver a high standard of performance.







Refer to contract. 


Refer to contract. 


Double cabin. Responsible for own cabin cleaning.

Dining Privileges

Crew Mess


All uniforms are laundered free of charge, personal laundry charged at crew rate.

Family visit


Private medical insurance

Not included on this position, option to enroll at crew members cost. Not compulsory.



STCW Certificates

You will need valid STCW certificates to apply for this position. Find an STCW course near you.

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