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February 22, 2024


The Head of Energy Efficiency is responsible for all the activities related to Energy Efficiency analysis and data driven decisions and Emissions management.

In addition, you will supervise coordination of all funded R&D projects related to energy efficiency and decarbonisation, actively working with industry stakeholders (makers, research centres and governmental organisations such as EU Horizon 2020 committee, Innovate UK, Waterborne technology platform) and MSC internal stakeholders. You will be responsible of the energy optimisation and fuels consumption targets definition, supporting MSC CM board with updated plan and related analytics / data to support the company to be aligned with the decarbonisation targets and the requirements from IMO and other regional and local government.


You will be responsible for leading operational excellence practices, implementing standardized operational metrics, KPIs and monitoring performance across all fleets for what concerns energy/fuel management. You will be the owner of the vessel energy management platform and related reporting tools based on MSC CM analytics platform, leading the energy analysis team to produce scheduled weekly / monthly energy reports, maintaining the dashboards updated and aligned with the regulatory requirements, supporting with energy and performance data evidence when requested by the Board and Stakeholders. Reporting to the President of MSC Cruise Management and functionally to SVP Cost Optimization and Process Improvement (GVA HQ) you will work in direct cooperation with all MSC Cruise departments, acting within MSC global organisation as Cruise industry technical and technological centre of competence for any activity related to fleet performance, energy saving and modernisation of shipboard technical infrastructure in adherence with Company and MSC Group Decarbonisation action plan.


Energy Efficiency

  • Prime mover in improving Fleet Energy Efficiency by providing shipboard and shoreside assistance with regards to energy optimization, improving overall fleet performance, decreasing emissions.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of Energy Efficiency process and procedures
  • Manage data quality and integrity as it pertains to propulsion power decomposition and speed models used for vessel's Performance KPI.
  • Support with data driven decisions Engine Technical Department and Fleet Operation Department.
  • Responsible for ISO 50001:2018 Implementation and Audit on shore and on board
  • Responsible for collecting and compiling fuel consumption, expense, emissions, and intensity metrics needed for corporate reporting, Sustainability report, Carbon Disclosure Project, Fleet Objective and Targets, and the Board.
  • Responsible for maintaining as Key Business User, the Energy Governance Platform and energy dashboards database. MSC - Internal
  • Support Marine Dept for SEEMP Plans, MRV Plans, IMO/CII calculations and Audit, MRV Audit, EU ETS and Fuel EU Maritime Audit
  • Verify that vessel data connections are active, data flow is consistent and data quality is according to standards.
  • Assist vessels in performance related issues by means of close dialogue, vessel visits in port and sailing onboard vessels when required
  • Provide feedback and support to MSC Management in Vessel Performance related matters
  • Validate all operational excellence ship models pertinent to Propulsion Power, Service Power and Hull Performance for accuracy
  • Collaborate with Chief Engineers and Captains when leading energy optimization and planning discussions.
  • Analyse fleets performance and report finding to MSC Management and relevant stakeholders of Fleet Operations, Marine Operations, Engine technical departments to drive change throughout the organization; engage performance review with ship managers and fleet directors
  • Coordinate internal meetings focusing on vessel performance and issue appropriate advice to the relevant stakeholders, including the shipboard Commands.
  • Responsible for Energy Efficiency Budget, Capex and Opex Costs.
  • Effectively manage multiple vendor commercial contracts, annual service level agreement and guarantee offers.


Funded R&D Projects

  • Search for funding opportunities related to decarbonisation and maritime energy efficiency globally and coordinate funded R%D projects, dealing with other internal and external stakeholders
  • Establish contacts and consolidate relationship with relevant institutions, consortium partners and agencies.
  • Manage relationships with local and national public bodies, with funding entities from national and European institutions
  • Lead the assigned funded projects, guiding the R&D projects team, together with assigned resources towards implementation, ensuring project timeline are met and deliverables are prepared.
  • Manage the follow up and the accomplishment of the projects inside the organisation


  • Language Skills: Proficient English
  • Master's degree in Engineering, Naval Architecture, from an accredited college or university or equivalent.
  • Level of experience in the job or similar roles: more than 5 years of consolidated marine technical experience
  • Strong understanding of ship technical operating systems such as HVAC, auxiliary systems, and propulsion.
  • Understanding of cruise line operations is preferred either in technical-engineering, Nautical operations, new builds, or other areas.
  • Detailed knowledge of vessel operations, energy management and emissions management
  • Knowledge of environmental regulatory framework within the Maritime industry.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Environment and Sustainability Maritime Topics, driving innovation and an ability to positively
  • influence and develop those around them.
  • IT Skills: Proficient using Data analysis, Cloud solutions, Able to manage complex platform for data collection, aggregation and analysis


The right to live and work in the UK.

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises


MSC Cruises has grown exponentially since 2003. In such a short time, we have built a fleet of 21 modern and most environmentally advanced ships!

With our constant expansion, our fleet will grow in capacity with the arrival of eight new ships in three different classes by 2027.

One of our latest ships – MSC World Europa – was delivered in 2022, inaugurating the World Class. It is our largest cruise ship to date, with a capacity of over 6,700 passengers, served by more than 2,000 crew members.

In 2022 we also inaugurated the MSC Seascape which features new immersive high-tech entertainment with innovative technology that provides guests with endless leisure options.

From 2023 MSC Cruises will enter the Luxury segment by launching its first of four Explora Journeys ships. The ships will be equipped with the best and latest environmental technology and bestowed with a highly-innovative design.

Career Opportunities

With four new mega-ships and four Luxury ships to be built and delivered between 2023 and 2027, the biggest and most important challenge for MSC Cruises is to find, recruit and train a high number of new crew members needed to provide the service, fun and safety that have become hallmarks of MSC Cruises.

This massive project is already well under way. The Human Resources Team is not only working to recruit the best talents but is also visiting our manning agencies and hiring partners around the world to ensure that the right people and facilities are in place to prepare this ‘army’ of new crew members for their life at sea.

We need motivated and ambitious crew members who work with passion and understand the value of a smile.

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