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STCW Personal Survival Techniques A-VI/1

£120 GBP

Course Type:
Personal Survival Techniques
Training School:
FY7 Charter UK
Paignton, United Kingdom
1 day

Course introduction.

This training course involves practical demonstration and involvement. Participants are required to take an active part during exercises to demonstrate their understanding of survival procedures and techniques in both the classroom and swimming pool.

Course objective

The objective of the training is to give all persons intending to go to sea the essential basic knowledge and experience of personal survival principles and techniques that can be applied to maximise their chances of survival in the event of a marine casualty.

Course Outline.

The course consists of three elements:-

  1. Principles and procedures.
  2. Demonstration session.
  3. Wet drill.

Course Outcome.

Award of certification is by Assessment of the candidate’s ability to prove understanding and knowledge of the principles and techniques of sea survival through practical demonstration.

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