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酒店经理- Mandarin Speaking Hotel Manager

October 29, 2019
Viking Cruises
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Hotel Manager / Hotel Director
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展中国市场的专业服务标准(VRC PSO)和预算营运。


  • 负责船上酒店的所有运作
  • 确保所有的酒店部门按照标准妥善管理
  • 管理和鼓励船上工作人员,重心放在部门主管上
  • 根据公司的标准服务流程操作
  • 为酒店部门(餐饮,家政服务,设备等)进行采购
  • 确保酒店部门所有区域的清洁都无可挑剔,卫生和秩序都按照危害分
  • 对各部门的供应物品进行最终检验和收据归档
  • 在开始和结束巡航季时,准备开船和闭船事宜
  • 积极与客人联络和成功处理投诉
  • 积极参与船上活动和额外项目
  • 在用餐时间,巡视厨房和餐厅
  • 确保与航海部门,船上管理层,船上员工和巴塞尔总部沟通积极畅通
  • 确保按照要求安排部门培训
  • 在预算范围内的成本控制
  • 与接待员/夜审计员每日分析借贷账务
  • 按照公司的程序清单,盘点存货
  • 参与载荷



  • 酒店经理需承诺在离开维京后,不能将公司的信息,产品手册,
  • 在其违反上述指令的情况下,本公司保留要求赔偿损失,以及
  • 行为和外观符合VRC PSO的规则和条例


  • 有酒店行业相关教育学历,优选酒店管理学校(酒店管理重点在
  • 在豪华酒店,优选邮轮行业,有多年的酒店经理专业管理经验
  • 优秀的管理,组织和沟通能力
  • 专注客人需要,有抗逆能力, 在压力下保持冷静,有团队合作精
  • 态度开放,并具有较高的社交和跨文化能力,对中国文化有良好
  • 优秀的普通话和英语(书面和口头)或其他语言技能(例如德
  • 必须独立工作,良好的电脑运用技能


You are in charge of the entire hotel operation onboard and guarantee fullest guest satisfaction and a pleasant working environment for all crew. You adhere to Viking China Outbound Standards and budgets.


  • Responsible for the entire hotel operation onboard
  • Ensuring that all hotel departments are managed according to their standards
  • Management and motivation of the crew, with emphasis on Department Heads
  • Operation of service procedures according to company standards
  • Stock ordering for the hotel department (F&B, Housekeeping, equipment, etc.)
  • Ensuring impeccable cleanliness, hygiene and order in all areas of the hotel department in accordance with HACCP rules
  • Final inspection and receipt of all supplies and deliveries for the hotel department
  • Supervision and organization of opening and closing ships at start /end of season
  • Active liaison with guests and successful handling of complaints
  • Active participation in all onboard events and special functions
  • Presence in the galley and restaurant during meal times
  • Ensuring active and smooth flow of communication with the nautical department, onboard management, crew and the Head Office Basel
  • Ensuring departmental training according to requirement profile
  • Responsible for cost control and adherence to all set budgets
  • Daily analysis of debtors in accordance with Receptionist / Night Auditor
  • Conduction of stock takes; inventory according to company procedures
  • Active participation in loadings


  • The holder of the position undertakes not to pass over the company’s information, manuals, information on business developments and EDP data to any third party or publicize or retain same for personal use after leaving the job.
  • The company reserves the right to demand compensation for damages in the event of a breach of this instruction and take legal action against the staff.
  • Conduct and appearance in accordance with the rules and regulations of Viking China Outbound


  • Graduated education within the hotel industry, preferably hotel management school (Preferred tertiary degree in hotel management with emphasis on F&B operation)
  • Several years of professional management experience in this role, in the luxury hotel industry, preferably within cruise industry
  • Excellent management, organisationaland communication skills
  • Guest focused, stress resistant, calm under pressure, team player and with positive appearance
  • Open minded and flexible with high social and inter-cultural competencies, good knowledge of Chinese culture, proper etiquette and behavior in social and business situations
  • Excellent Mandarin skills and good English skills (written & verbal), any additional languages (e.g. German) are an advantage
  • Must work independently, good computer skills

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the following languages is required: English, Chinese

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Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises


As the World’s Leading River Cruise Line® and the #1 Ocean Cruise Line, we are constantly innovating our business and growing our fleet. With more than 64 river ships and 6 ocean vessels cruising across 6 continents, we are the largest, most award-winning company in the industry. There is tremendous opportunity to join our dynamically growing company — whether on board our ships or in our corporate offices.


Viking Cruises was founded in Russia in 1997. The company established headquarters in Los Angeles, California in 2000 and through rapid expansion has enjoyed double-digit growth in recent years. With operational headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, Viking provides travel experiences for guests with an interest in geography, culture and history.


The award-winning Viking Longships offer a variety of stateroom categories and true two-room suites with full-size verandas. Onboard amenities include a restaurant, bar & lounge, library and expansive sun deck. River cruises range from 8 to 23 days, with itineraries featuring Europe’s Rhine, Main, Danube, Seine, Rhône, Douro, Moselle, Elbe, Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde Rivers; Russia’s Volga, Neva and Svir; Ukraine’s Dnieper; Egypt’s Nile; China’s Yangtze; and Southeast Asia’s Mekong.


In 2015, Viking introduced its first ocean ship with the christening of the 930-guest all-veranda Viking Star. One year later, Viking launched its second ocean ship, Viking Sea, which was joined by sister ships Viking Sky and Viking Sun in 2017 and by Viking Orion in 2018. The fleet welcomes Viking Jupiter in 2019. Four more yet-to-be-named ships are scheduled to launch by 2023. Ocean itineraries are designed to maximize the amount of time travelers spend in their destination. These enriching itineraries include base and combination cruises sailing to Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Alaska, the Americas, and Africa.

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