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Fitter Mechanic

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Engine / Technical Jobs
15 May 2024


Assists Engine Department personnel with the maintenance and repairs of all the equipment, specifically welding;

Assist maintaining the inventory of spare part material.


Cooperate with Engine Department personnel in the maintenance and repair of all machinery;

Prepare requisitions for Engine department store and consumable and submit them to the Staff Engineer for approval;

Maintain and inventory of materials on hand and on order;

Work always in accordance with acceptable standards, avoiding wastage of materials and always respecting all injury prevention rules;


Secondary School Graduate with appropriate licenses as required by the Company;

Familiar with a range of tools and equipment, such as lathes, milling and drilling machines, thermal heating, cutting and welding equipment;

Familiar with the usage of tools to mark, press, cut grind, plane bore and drill objects;

Fluent in oral and written English;

STCW Certified


Passport with at least 12 months of validity left

STCW Certificates

You will need valid STCW certificates to apply for this position. Find an STCW course near you.

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises


MSC Cruises has grown exponentially since 2003. In such a short time, we have built a fleet of 21 modern and most environmentally advanced ships!

With our constant expansion, our fleet will grow in capacity with the arrival of eight new ships in three different classes by 2027.

One of our latest ships – MSC World Europa – was delivered in 2022, inaugurating the World Class. It is our largest cruise ship to date, with a capacity of over 6,700 passengers, served by more than 2,000 crew members.

In 2022 we also inaugurated the MSC Seascape which features new immersive high-tech entertainment with innovative technology that provides guests with endless leisure options.

From 2023 MSC Cruises will enter the Luxury segment by launching its first of four Explora Journeys ships. The ships will be equipped with the best and latest environmental technology and bestowed with a highly-innovative design.

Career Opportunities

With four new mega-ships and four Luxury ships to be built and delivered between 2023 and 2027, the biggest and most important challenge for MSC Cruises is to find, recruit and train a high number of new crew members needed to provide the service, fun and safety that have become hallmarks of MSC Cruises.

This massive project is already well under way. The Human Resources Team is not only working to recruit the best talents but is also visiting our manning agencies and hiring partners around the world to ensure that the right people and facilities are in place to prepare this ‘army’ of new crew members for their life at sea.

We need motivated and ambitious crew members who work with passion and understand the value of a smile.

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