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Sous Chef Pastry

October 28, 2019
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Vessel type: Ocean-going cruise ship

Job Description



The Sous chef Pastry is the second in command in the Pastry Dept, his role is to assist the Executive Pastry Chef to effectively supervise and manage the onboard Pastry / Bakery Production, ensuring that Quality Standards and Procedures are in line with Company’s Rules and Regulations. The Sous chef Pastry ensures that pastry personnel is guided and trained in order to be productive.




  • The Sous Chef Pastry in conjunction with the Executive Pastry Chef is responsible for a smooth and efficient running food production operation in all outlets.
  • Ensures to run a disciplined department, to be full in control of both, the pastry and bakery.
  • Ensures that Menus / Recipes / Guidelines / Methods provided by the Corporate Pastry Chef are followed accordingly.
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment by complying with USPH and Company Regulations.
  • Supervises and check all pastry outlets (World Cafe, Manfredi, Chef Tables, Tea time, Karine Deli) ensuring that standards followed accordingly
  • He / she must be able to work in any section of the Pastry Department and demonstrate methods and recipes.
  • Produces and maintains the expected level of food quality in his / her area of responsibility.
  • He / She constantly analyze recipes and the ongoing food productions for any possible improvements.
  • He / She assure on-going trainings and following set standards
  • Will work closely with the Kitchen Steward in order to accomplish tasks related to inventory, equipment control and maintenance, USPH Sanitation Rules / Regulations, training and reenforcement.
  • Assist the Executive Pastry Chef to create daily food requisitions for all Pastry Sections.
  • Must possess good guest interaction skills and deal with feed back received.
  • Must be able to replace / take over the Executive Pastry Chef position temporarily at any give time without lowering / altering standards.

Job Description

  • Primarily responsible for the entire preparation / set up of the World Cafe Buffet and assisting the Executive Pastry Chef for any additional assignments.
  • Ensures that his / her section is productive and operated with the least supervision required from the Executive Pastry Chef. Culinary Chef Package-Viking Cruises
  • Provide Crew and Staff Mess with a decent selection of pastry and bakery goods for all meals.
  • Assist the Executive Pastry Chef to prepare additional working schedules (Embarkation Day, Special Functions, etc.) for Pastry / Bakery Personnel.
  • Ensure that recipe reviews are conducted, corrected if needed and communicated to the Pastry Chef.
  • Daily application of the Pastry Checklist to monitor production and preparation levels.
  • Proper use of the menu checklist, any discrepancies evaluated, reported to the Executive Pastry Chef and immediately corrected.
  • Assist the Executive Pastry Chef to monitor the pastry personnel’s working hours.
  • Be present (in case the executive pastry chef is absent) during loadings for quality control/assurance (Pastry / Bakery and Fruits / Berries).
  • Must be knowledgeable with established quality standards and company policies.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Pastry Chef, he / she must provide the necessary guidance / training and information to all Pastry / Bakery Staff in order to be fully productive and follow up on their progress.
  • Responsible to maintain quality and consistency in taste, presentation and appearance according to recipes and pictures; any possible discrepancies are to be rectified immediately.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Pastry Chef communicates on a daily basis with the provision team to utilize highly perishable food items.
  • Must check the fresh produce chillers on a daily basis to avoid shortages during the cruise.
  • Ensure economical work practices and control the food production to minimize and avoid wastage.
  • Prepares the daily electronic requisitions according to the guest count / forecast figures (in absence of the pastry chef).
  • Must have a complete knowledge and full understanding of USPH Rules and Regulations, ensuring that working/cleaning practices are applied throughout the operation.
  • Ensure immaculate cleanliness in the Pastry / Bakery Department and adjacent areas, by applying safe work practices, procedures according to USPH Regulations and prevent any equipment damages / loss.
  • Responsible to control and maintain all Pastry equipment distributed to his / her staff, ensuring that it’s cleaned / sanitized and returned in an acceptable and proper condition after each use.
  • Responsible for all Pastry Equipment in terms of cleaning, handling and storage. Any damages and / or malfunctions must be justified, recorded and reported.
  • Ensures that all Pastry / Bakery Staff appear in proper, appropriate uniforms, with special attention to those working in public areas. Personal appearance and hygiene must be followed according to Company policies at all time.
  • Ensure that the pastry / adjacent areas are ready for any announced and / or unannounced USPH inspection, done either by the Ships’ Management or local authorities (public health inspectors). The Sous Chef Pastry must be present during any inspection.
  • Ensure that Bakery / Pastry Personnel transport their provisions with the correct utensils (fruits washed, cleaned and sanitized) from the storeroom to their respective outlets.
  • Assist all pastry outlets during Lunch / Dinner hours, which include but is not limited to ensure a smooth and efficient service, presentation and final plating. The Dinner service must be conducted in a calm professional manner.
  • The Sous chef pastry must tour all outlets during service hours (Lunch / Dinner)
  • Duties might be extended to the supervision of other activities i.e. afternoon tea, pool parties, cocktail parties, special functions, etc as far as the Pastry Dept is involved.
  • Assist the Executive Pastry Chef to identify Catering equipment that needs to be ordered (with justification, breakage report, damages, etc) to ensure a productive operation.
  • Countercheck daily deliveries from the Storeroom of its accuracy, report any discrepancies to his / her immediate supervisor. Culinary Chef Package-Viking Cruises
  • Must be familiar with the galley layout in terms of safety and security, must have a full understanding of ships rules / regulations (SMS) and participate in all required Safety Drills / Training
  • Ensures that the HACCP program is applied accordingly.
  • Must be familiar with the contracts and work schedules hours/week and supporting documentation.
  • Must be able to compile a report reflecting the cruise and its activities, to be submitted to the Corporate Office. (In absence of the Executive Pastry Chef).


  • Personality and Appearance: Must have a pleasant and courteous personality. Must be well groomed, and presentable.
  • Age and Health: Minimum age should be twenty-five (25) years old. Physically fit and in good health, without any previous record of any medical problems, drugs and alcoholism. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs (30 Kilos) on a daily basis and able to work a minimum of ten hours per day, seven days a week.
  • Professional Experience and Education: Standard High School Education. Requires a minimum of four years in the profession (Quality Hotels or Restaurants).
  • Communication and Language Skills: Must be able to read and speak English clearly in order to interpret documents such as recipes and manuals. Other languages are considered a plus.
  • Work Ethic: Must be a serious professional and take great pride in his work. Adherence to the Company’s Rules and Regulations is a must for his success on the job.

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

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