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Demi Chef de Partie
October 16, 2021


overseeing an assigned section independently and needing as little supervision as possible.  Must have in-depth knowledge in any section of the hot and cold kitchen.  Must have strong leadership skills and the ability to train and coach subordinates.  The Asst CDP position is the link between the Galley Management and all other lower positions in a Galley Operation.  The position is a key role and is fully supported by middle management in all areas.


  • Responsible for leading and supporting a multi cultural team of Galley personnel, ensuring the highest level of crew satisfaction and productivity.
  • Fully responsible for an assigned section and its entire food production.  Following set recipes, dish guidelines and maintaining economical work practices.
  • Must be able to work efficiently in any assigned section.
  • Must be able to work in and as part of a team, giving support to colleagues whenever needed (regardless at which level).
  • Maintains safe work practices in an area of responsibility and comply with USPH regulations.
  • Follows the “clean as you go” rules and ensures fluent communication with the Kitchen Steward if additional cleaning is required during the food preparation periods.
  • The CDP must bring forward any suggestions and ideas for improvements to the galley team as a whole; this includes identifying training needs and operational issues should they arise.
  • Ensures economical food production, being food cost conscious and minimize/avoid food wastage.
  • Responsible for the development/progress of all staff working in the assigned section.
  • Must be able to replace/takeover any CDP assignment (with the necessary training) at any given time to its full extent.
  • Coordinate/supervise all personnel assigned  to their  section  and  distribute  job allocations accordingly.
  • Training and development of subordinates assigned to their station.
  • Undertake recipe reviews on a daily basis and/or if additionally requested by the Executive Chef / Outlet Chef and maintain the recipe folders (containing all recipes and in immaculate condition) of the section.
  • Prepare requisitions for the daily food production and counterchecking merchandise in the
  • Galley stores to avoid overstocking and wastage of items.
  • Must be familiar with working hour’s policies and procedures.  Control and monitor working hours of all personnel assigned to his/her section.
  • Responsible  for  fulfilling  any  request  within  their  area  of  responsibility received from the direct supervisor and/or manager on duty that may arise with short notice due to special functions, itinerary changes and/or other unforeseen changes.
  • Responsible for communicating the status of their section in terms of food production, equipment, maintenance, performance of staff or any other topics related to the section to their immediate Supervisor / Executive Chef.
  • Responsible for the quality and presentation of food during preparation and service hours.
  • Responsible for the entire service line at their section during meal hours in terms of freshness, quality and refilling of food items.
  • Preparing food samples whenever the Executive Chef deems necessary (show plates, tasting, recipe trials).
  • Ensure proper storage of food items according to USPH regulations in their area of Responsibility.
  • Fully responsible for the cleanliness of their workstation (table, floor, working area and adjacent areas) according to USPH regulation, enforce “Clean as you go” working habits.
  • Must ensure that HACCP is applied accordingly.
  • Attend to the daily Chef’s Morning Meeting to discuss forecast figures and the day-to-day operation/activities.
  • Countercheck daily deliveries from the Storeroom for accuracy, reporting any discrepancies to immediately to the supervisor.
  • Must be familiar with Shipboard Safety and Security Regulations (SMS), and participate in all required Safety Shipboard Training Drills.


  • Personality and Appearance: Must have a pleasant and courteous personality.  Must be well groomed, and presentable.
  • Health: Must be physically fit and in good health, and be able to lift up to 50 lbs (30 Kilos) on a daily basis, working a minimum of eleven hours per day, seven days a week.
  • Professional Experience and Education: Requires a minimum of 6 years in the profession (Quality Hotels or equivalently rated Restaurants).

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

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Viking Cruises


As the World’s Leading River Cruise Line® and the #1 Ocean Cruise Line, we are constantly innovating our business and growing our fleet. With more than 64 river ships and 6 ocean vessels cruising across 6 continents, we are the largest, most award-winning company in the industry. There is tremendous opportunity to join our dynamically growing company — whether on board our ships or in our corporate offices.


Viking Cruises was founded in Russia in 1997. The company established headquarters in Los Angeles, California in 2000 and through rapid expansion has enjoyed double-digit growth in recent years. With operational headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, Viking provides travel experiences for guests with an interest in geography, culture and history.


The award-winning Viking Longships offer a variety of stateroom categories and true two-room suites with full-size verandas. Onboard amenities include a restaurant, bar & lounge, library and expansive sun deck. River cruises range from 8 to 23 days, with itineraries featuring Europe’s Rhine, Main, Danube, Seine, Rhône, Douro, Moselle, Elbe, Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde Rivers; Russia’s Volga, Neva and Svir; Ukraine’s Dnieper; Egypt’s Nile; China’s Yangtze; and Southeast Asia’s Mekong.


In 2015, Viking introduced its first ocean ship with the christening of the 930-guest all-veranda Viking Star. One year later, Viking launched its second ocean ship, Viking Sea, which was joined by sister ships Viking Sky and Viking Sun in 2017 and by Viking Orion in 2018. The fleet welcomes Viking Jupiter in 2019. Four more yet-to-be-named ships are scheduled to launch by 2023. Ocean itineraries are designed to maximize the amount of time travelers spend in their destination. These enriching itineraries include base and combination cruises sailing to Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Alaska, the Americas, and Africa.

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