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Executive Chef de Cuisine
21 June 2024

Department: Galley

Employment Type: Fixed Term Contract

Reporting To: Hotel Director


Management of all shipboard food preparation and execution of menus ensuring that the line’s high culinary standards are maintained within the budgetary limitations established, as per company policy.
The Exe. Chef de Cuisine plays a crucial role in satisfying the guests experience onboard the vessel. The quality of the product relies wholeheartedly on the decisions the Chef de Cuisine makes when it comes to presentation and execution of the recipes and menus provided. The Chef also has strict guidelines to follow in regards to food costs and budgetary requirements. Training plays a vital part of the Chef de Cuisine’s daily tasks as he relies on his team to execute the product in order to provide the guest with an ultimate vacation experience.
Reporting relationships:
The Exe Chef de Cuisine reports directly to the Hotel Director.
Position has 49/62 professional level reports depending on the class of vessel. 

Key Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the overall planning and directing of all food preparation and culinary activities on board the assigned vessel. 
  2. Ensures that a high standard of cuisine and food/buffet/event presentation is maintained and developed. 
  3. Ensures that all company approved recipes and presentations are adhered to and supervised accordingly. [This includes portion control] 
  4. Responsible for adhering to all approved menu’s cycles and modifying menus [if required] based on product availability to meet with the same high quality standards and offerings. 
  5. Responsible for wastage reduction. 
  6. Ensures that approved guest feeding budgets are adhered to. [Responsible for proper authorized communication when instances occur if budgets are exceeded] - valid explanations in BR. 
  7. Responsible for the overall performance and training of all subordinates and individuals involved in food service on board. 
  8. Ensures that promotions & career advances are dealt with in accordance to established procedures. [Succession plan policy] 
  9. Responsible for estimating food requirements and manning needed for conducting a smooth operation on a daily basis. 
  10. Attends all menu briefing in all dining venues. 
  11. Responsible for personally executing all scheduled galley tours as per approved cruise layout and procedures. 
  12. Responsible to track overtime for all entitled personnel in his/her supervision in compliance with the CBA and MLC 2006 and assess T&A [Fidelio] periodically to ensure that rectifying and preventive actions are taken to comply with regulations and meet the financial goal (ILO/Overtime) 
  13. Planning the cruise layout in collaboration with Hotel Director and authorized HOD’s. 
  14. General supervision of procurement, receipt, inventory and inventory control of all food items. [Ensures the quality of Fresh produce is checked on delivery] – Follow up on discrepancy reports. 
  15. Ensures that food orders are placed in accordance with Provision Master and Hotel 
  16. Director, considering consumption history and storing schedules. 
  17. Arranges comment card meetings with CDC’s for all cooks. 
  18. Ensures that breakage is minimized in galley and scullery. 
  19. Ensure the correct implementation and control to manage all areas of responsibility as per existing and new SOP’s. 
  20. Ensures that company guidelines for uniform and personal hygiene policies are followed. 
  21. Maintains and oversees vacation schedules for the department, in close consultation with the on board crew purser and Hotel Director. 
  22. Ensures that all cooks’ trainings are updated in accordance with MLC 2006. 
  23. Responsible for placing all galley equipment orders via the Provision Master and responsible for maintaining and repairs needed. 
  24. Respond efficiently and accurately to guest complaints and feedback with corrective actions. This includes the acknowledgement and appreciation of positive guest feedback. [Recommend guests for positive reinforcement policy] 
  25. Ensures the general supervision of the administration conducted by the Sous-Chef and utilizing / maintaining the efficiencies gained by this position to ensure that limited time is spent for administrative work and the maximum amount of time in guest contact. 
  26. Overall responsible for complying with sanitation [CDC] regulations in accordance to the latest VSP manuals. This includes complying with public health regulations that adheres to Canadian PH regulation, Brazilian PH regulations, US PH regulations and all other public health regulations stipulated for the specific itinerary. 
  27. Maintain a positive and professional approach with coworkers and guests. 
  28. Ensures regular interaction with guests. Including, but not limited to, table side introductions on formal and chef dinner evenings and social interaction as per planned on board guest activity schedule.



Formal degree in food management from a recognized International culinary institution. 

Proof of continuing education translated in certificates or letter of participation in specialized courses.

Strong command of the English language combined with writing skills. 


5+ Years experience in supervisory position. 2+ Years experience in similar position. Cruise ship experience preferred. 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 

  • Preferred knowledge of cruise ship catering operation
  • Thorough knowledge of Public Health and Sanitation's regulations and procedures. 
  • Thorough knowledge of food preparation, presentation and preservation procedures. 
  • Thorough knowledge of menu construction/engineering.
  • Ability to conduct training sessions and demonstrations authority in front of crew.
  • Ability to co-ordinate and implement work schedules according to business level.
  • Fluent in interpreting and implementing company work rules. 

Physical Demands & Travel

Physical Demands: 

For the safety of yourself and others on board certain physical abilities shall be maintained. Must be able to bend, climb, perform repetitive motion, and repetitively heavy lift.
Must maintain physical fitness to perform tasks associated with job. 

Travel Requirements: 

  • Passport – valid for a minimum of 6 month
  • Flag state issued seaman book
  • General flag state or flag state approved marine fitness medical United States C1/D visa
  • English Marlin test at minimal score of 80%
  • Pre-employment medical examination 
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