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January 14, 2020
V.Ships Leisure
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Ventilation / Refrigeration Officer
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We are currently looking for an HVAC Engineer ready to join SAGA cruises

Embarkation 02/March/2020, Contract 3 months +/-1

Salary in GBP/per month worked

Required: Essential Knowledge of Refrigeration and Refrigerant Gases, F-Gas Certificate, EPA Certificate, Minimum 3 years' experience as HVAC Engineer onboard a Passenger Ships ( Refrigeration/Air conditioning role )

STCW certification relevant to this position

Good command of the English language

Knowledge of USPH and international public health requirements


Previous experience with CO2 refrigeration systems

Previous experience with SRtP vessels

Experience of working with complex automation/energy efficiency modules and systems

Line Manager; Chief Engineer, Staff Chief Engineer

Direct Reports; Assistant HVAC Engineer(s)

Technical Department Responsibility- Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

* Ensure system installation and commissioning is in accordance with the design criteria of the new build


* Development and attendance of equipment specific training for the respective areas of responsibility

* Input into standard operating procedures, risk assessments and maintenance tasks requirements for the

responsible systems

* Coordination with Chief Engineer and site team (whilst in new build phase) for all HVAC related tasks

* Operation and maintenance of all main air conditioning, refrigeration machinery, fire dampers and technical

space fans with specific attention placed on Public Health, SOLAS, Flag and Class items.

* Planning and supervision of any third party works planned in relation to the air conditioning of refrigeration

systems on board.

* Maintain all records as required by eVMS, Environmental and Public Health compliance.

* Responsible for safe and correct use, inventory, record keeping and storage of refrigerant gases.

* Maintenance and security of fan rooms and AC stations in line with company requirements

* Supervision and training for direct reports, to ensure their standards of work are carried out in a safe and

efficient manner and they have the required skill sets to perform tasks

* Attend to passenger cabin defects effectively and professionally to minimize any effects on the guest


Additional Duties

The HVAC Engineer's duties will include:

Prepare appraisals for all direct reports under their remit in accordance with Saga and V.Ships policies

Ensure that planned maintenance assigned to their discipline is conducted and reported in a timely manner

Attend passenger social events as directed by the Head of Department.

Partake in inspections, trainings and meetings as instructed by the Head of Department.

Other tasks pertaining to departmental operations as instructed by the Head of Department.

Ensures that the set standards are kept and staff members work according to their respective job descriptions.



STCW Certificates

You will need valid STCW certificates to apply for this position. Find an STCW course near you.

This cruise ship job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.

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