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March 29, 2020
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Here at Ethos Farm, we offer exciting career opportunities in the cruise industry working onboard some of the most amazing cruise ships at sea.

This opportunity is for a Human Resources Director Role looking to travel the world whilst working and supporting the team on board as a Human Resource Director.

The Job Role:

Shipboard Human Resources Management position that works under the direction of the Captain with operational guidance from the Director Shipboard Talent Management and other areas of Shipboard Talent Management.

This role coordinates, executes and completes all HR-related tasks in assigned locations. The Human Resources Director provides generalist support to the Deck, Engine and Hotel Departments, as well as multidiscipline Human Resources, Support in training, Company policies and procedures, employee relations matters, performance management, and administration.

This role also assists and guides shipboard management when handling human resources issues and acts as the liaison between corporate and shipboard operations to ensure successful implementation of HR initiatives. Maintains a close and highly responsive relationship with all client groups.

The Human Recourses Director is expected to consult with Shipboard Talent Management and/or Shipboard HR Ops. on matters for which they feel further direction and guidance is required.

This position will also be charged with ensuring that the shipboard HR practices are consistent with fleet’s HR practices.

To consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

  • Provides general advice and human resource direction when advising management in employee-related issues.
  • Participates in all Master’s hearings as an objective advisor to provide input and guidance in all ship HR matters.
  • Conducts and/or supports shipboard training regarding senior-level HR topics (e.g.: sexual harassment, etc.)
  • Promote organizational effectiveness by monitoring issues such as employee relations, conflict/grievance mediation and resolution, performance management, succession planning, career path and tracking.
  • Ensures compliance of various Collective Bargaining Agreements, with the goal of consistency in application across the vessel.
  • Responsible for crew well-being, comfort, and engagement by working closely with the HR Operations Manager, Training Specialists and Crew Entertainment Chairperson ensuring preparation and distribution of all pertinent information for all employee compensation, benefits, and Human Resources policy implementation, including, but not limited to: cruise “comp” privileges, nutrition (quantity/quality of food in Crew Messes), general life onboard, uniforms, sign-on/sign-off process, updates to entitlement grid, succession list compliance, internal promotion procedures, leave of absence (compassionate leave, medical, and maternity), retirement, service awards, Vacation Hero Awards Program and other company/morale-building programs.

The Ideal Individual:

  • General knowledge of human resources management
  • Excellent communications, leadership, team building, and management skills
  • Conflict resolution in a multi-cultural environment
  • Passionate about hospitality and customer service driven
  • Must have a professional appearance and good hygiene
  • Respect for all co-workers and guests
  • Pride in your work by creating positive energy, excitement, and fun
  • Able to work 7 days a week
  • Demonstrate positive behaviors; smiling, being polite and courteous
  • Able to develop a camaraderie with team members
  • Ability to live in close quarters, share limited space with other cabin-mates

Cruise Benefits:

  • Accommodation, uniform, and meals provided on-board as part of the salary package
  • Competitive monthly salary
  • Travel the world
  • Meet new people
  • Grow your career

In the simplest terms here at Ethos Farm, we transform workforces into brand custodians. We enable workforces to deliver enhanced customer service using an end to end approach that we call “Customer Service Architecture and Engineering”

We’re passionate about service
We’re passionate about learning and development
We’re passionate about customer service technology
We’re passionate about people
We are Ethos Farm

This position is based on 4 months contracts
This is a fantastic opportunity to see the world, in a company where you can progress and develop a career.

If you are interested, then please apply now.

Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the English language is required.

This cruise ship job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.
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