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August 26, 2020
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Jewelry Specialist
$1500 plus commission

This is an amazing opportunity to represent an award-winning brand, we need salespeople who have a strong desire to play the lead role in their professional development. Who will be able to run the boutique with no fears of being overwhelmed. Must be hard working, energetic, passionate, organized and must be able to ‘think outside the box’.


Experience: Must have a minimum of 2 years cruise ship experience and excellent jewellery knowledge.

Medical: Norwegian/Seafarers Medical valid for 2 years.

Visas: C1D, B1, Schengen visa.

STCW certificates: with minimum of 3 years remaining.

Whats included

Travel: Flight/Hotels/Transfers: The company will cover all reasonable flights to and from the ships. Overnight hotels are pre-paid, and transportation to / from ship is reimbursed.

Accommodation: Best available guest cabin onboard (shared with a roommate of same sex), for the duration of contract.
Exception may be during a short training period that a trainee may be required to be in a ‘Crew’ quarter for a short / limited amount of time.

Rank/privileges: You are entitled to use almost all passenger areas when the boutique is closed. This includes, Guest gym, theatre, restaurant, lounge, coffee barista, pool deck and much more.

Contract: 6 months minimum, due to onboarding procedures/protocol. Special exceptions can be made if advised previously.
Ambassadors are on the crew manifest for visa advantages, onboarding, disembarking and customs purposes…. This may require candidates are requested to do ‘crew drills’ onboard routinely.

Pay: Guarantee / $1,500 USD per month ($50 per day whilst onboard.)
5%-6% commission of Wholesale Cost, of each piece sold. ALL Sales are shared between ambassadors, so all Ambassadors receive commission on every piece.

STCW Certificates

You will need valid STCW certificates to apply for this position. Find an STCW course near you.

Resume Writing Service

Have your Resume written by a professional Resume Writer who specialises in writing Resumes for candidates looking for cruise ship jobs.

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