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September 9, 2020
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We are currently recruiting for experienced Chinese speaking STAFF CAPTAIN for cruise vessel PIANO LAND, which will sail on an Asian Itinerary.

PIANO LAND is the First Ship for Astro Cruises, has been designed exclusively for Chinese National Guests

Embarkaton November/December 2020
Contract 3 months on/off
Wages in USD/per month worked on board - to be advised upon interview

Licence / Qualification requirements;

Required - Master Unlimited

Desired - Master Unlimited

Line Manager;


Direct Reports;

  • Safety Officer
  • Environmental Officer
  • First Officer
  • 2nd Officer
  • 3rd Officer
  • 4th Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Bosun

Responsibilities as per V.Ships S&QMS;

Is the Captain's deputy and 2nd in command of the ship. As such, is responsible, with the Captain, for the safety of the ship and is to be familiar with the duties of the Captain and at all times to follow closely the navigation of the ship and any other relevant matters.

Is to give the Captain whatever advice deemed appropriate if, in their opinion, the ship is in, or is likely to fall into, a condition of risk.

Will assume command if the Captain is incapacitated.

The Staff Captain is the Head of the Deck Department and is responsible for the following:

Monitoring the activities of his department, ensuring that all the responsibilities detailed below are correctly discharged.

Liaison with other departments for the co-ordination of deck department activities and to ensure the smooth running of the department.

Executing the policies, procedures and instructions laid down by the Company for the department and verifying personally that all Officers within the department are properly instructed and aware of their duties and responsibilities relating to the Safety Management System;

Ensuring that all deck department personnel comply with procedures and instructions concerning safety and environmental protection.

Satisfying themself that procedures and instructions for safety and environmental protection are followed by all persons on board and that they attend training and drills required to comply with these procedures and instructions.

Giving the Master, prior to each departure, a positive report that the vessel is ready for sea with regard to the responsibilities of their department. Central to this report, the Staff Captain shall specify that all watertight openings and watertight doors are secured and confirm that the ship complies with the conditions and requirements of the Stability Booklet and any Operational Limitations (as certificated) and will continue to do so for the forthcoming voyage.

Monitoring the actual and forecast expenditure of their department with regard to budgets established for the vessel and to advise the Master and Fleet Superintendent accordingly.

The safety, welfare and discipline of all members of the deck department. The Staff Captain shall personally ensure that all Officers in his Department are aware of their social obligations whilst in passenger public areas.

Ensuring that all Deck Department Personnel are familiar with their own emergency duties.

Ensuring that sufficient members of the Deck Department remain on board in harbour to comply with the ship's In Port Manning Plan.

Is responsible to the Captain and the Company for the overall safe and efficient operation of the Medical Centre and the safety, welfare and discipline of its personnel.

Attends the Safety, Health, Hygiene and Environmental Protection Committee.

Is designated as the Company's representative on the Crew Club / Welfare Committee and should encourage a strong and enthusiastic crew club.

Is the designated Ship's Security Officer.

After consultation with the Captain, the Staff Captain is to assign the Deck Department Responsibilities detailed in the SMS agreement with the Company.

Each Deck Department Responsibility should be assigned to a Deck Officer ranking who will possess the appropriate qualification and experience. Deck Department Responsibilities are to be assigned to the Staff Captain or the Captain where appropriate.

Deck Department Responsibility 1 - Stability

  • Assisted by OOW's

Responsibility for the timely calculation of the ship's stability ensuring that the vessel at all times maintains draught, trim and adequate stability in compliance with the Ship's Stability Book (including the "Instructions to Master" and any limitations that may impose) and the practise of good seamanship. (see also Fleet Operations Manual 139 "Stability").


The Officer responsible is to:

Liaise closely with the Chief Engineer, who will provide the information in order that the condition of all tanks and spaces can be monitored, in order that the loading, discharge and ballasting of tanks and other spaces can be planned in advance.

Conduct daily stability calculations.

Train all Deck Officers in the calculation and control of the ship's stability and familiarise them with the ship's stability requirements.

Familiarise Engineer Officers with the ship's stability requirements.

Practice damage stability calculations and damage control procedures for conceivable damage scenarios with the Deck Officers and any other staff involved.

Report to the Master any deviation from the requirements of the Stability booklet.

Ensure that the regulations covering watertight integrity, subdivision and damage control are complied with.

Deck Department Responsibility 2 - Movement of Passengers

  • Assisted by Safety Officer

Responsibility for the overall implementation and supervision of the shipboard organisation for movement of passengers en masse.

The movement and evacuation of passengers in an emergency, embarkation, disembarkation, shore excursion, etc.

The discipline and conduct of the crew and passengers re the ship's emergency procedures for the muster of passengers. In this connection he must programme and ensure that all passengers and crew attend emergency drills.

Deck Department Responsibility 6 - Deck Maintenance

Responsibility for the maintenance of the vessel's exterior decks, hull, structure and fabric.

(for vessels with sails: monitoring the condition of and maintenance of the sailing equipment)

Deck Department Responsibility 7 - Tank Maintenance

Responsibility for the maintenance, inspection and survey of all tanks, cofferdams, void spaces and internal hull & structure.

Deck Department Responsibility 8 - Lifting Equipment

Responsibility for:

Monitoring the condition of ship's lifting equipment including LSA, FFA, cargo gear, strops, wires, chain blocks etc.

That inspection and maintenance of this lifting gear is covered in the planned maintenance of the ship.

Ensuring that each item of lifting gear has a current certificate which is kept in the ship's lifting gear register / file.

Ensuring that the SWL is clearly identified on each item.

Deck Department Responsibility 9 - Deck Department Inventory Control

Responsibility for:

Control of stock level records and stores requisitions for deck department stores.

Control of external services supplied to the deck department.

Deck Department Responsibility 10 - Key System & Safes

  • Assisted by Security Officer

Responsibility for:

The ship's key system and the control and issue of master and sub-master keys.

Ensuring that locks not on the master key system are kept to an absolute minimum and are only used for high sensitivity / security spaces.

The ship's safes.

Deck Department Responsibility 11 - Security

  • Assisted by Security Officer

Responsibility for the security of the ship and all personnel. Ensuring that the Ship Security Plan is enforced and complied with.

In particular:

Security of access points to the ship and perimeter protection.

Monitoring that good order is maintained by and among the ship's staff, intervening or advising the Master and Senior

Officers where applicable or necessary.

Monitoring passenger behaviour, intervening or advising the Master and Senior Officers where applicable or necessary.

Deck Department Responsibility 12 - Discipline

Responsibility for the documentation of disciplinary cases ensuring compliance with the requirements of the crew members contract of employment, the Company and the Flag State.

Deck Department Responsibility 13 - Public Health Monitoring

  • Assisted by F&B Manager (day to day matters)

Responsibility for:

Monitoring compliance with the requirements and health standards set or required by International Authorities, Port Health Authorities and other relevant bodies are met.

Conducting Public Health sanitary inspections to facilitate the above.

Deck Department Responsibility 14 - Water Treatment Monitoring

  • Assisted by Ship Services Engineer

Responsibility for monitoring and recording the treatment of potable, service and swimming pool water and, where this treatment is not of an acceptable standard, the initiating corrective action.

Deck Department Responsibility 17 - Rounds and Routines

Responsibility for the planning and co-ordination of ship's inspections, rounds and routines in consultation with Heads of Department.

Deck Department Responsibility 18 - Log Books and Shipping Legislation

Responsibility for:

Keeping the Ship's Official Log Book, requiring a thorough working knowledge of the applicable Flag State legislation and requirements. This includes documenting disciplinary cases, crew accidents and illnesses, etc.

Monitoring of International, Flag & Port State legislation and requirements and appraising the Master accordingly

Deck Department Responsibility 19 - Company Procedures and Instructions

Responsibility for monitoring the practical application of the Company's policy, procedures and instructions, reporting to the Master any instances where the ship is unable to or fails to comply.

Deck Department Responsibility 20 - Cadet Training

  • Assisted by all Deck Officers

Responsibility for co-ordinating Cadet training on board and ensuring that any training programmes or requirements are adhered to.

Deck Department Responsibility 25 - Tender Operations

  • Assisted by Deck Officers
  • Assisted by Security Officer

Assisting in tendering operations as required by the Staff Captain.

Additional Duties

  • Ensure that planned maintenance assigned to their discipline is conducted and reported.
  • Coach and train Junior Officers.
  • Prepare appraisals for 'Direct Reports' in accordance with V.Ships policy.
  • Attend passenger social events as directed by the Master.
  • Partake in inspections, trainings and meetings as directed by the Master.
  • Other tasks pertaining to departmental operations as directed by Master.


Language Requirements

Good knowledge of the Mandarin language is required.

This cruise ship job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.

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