Disc Jockey (D.J)

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July 14, 2022

We are currently looking for a DJ to join ASAP in Miami, USA

Must have ship experience, C1D Visa and all valid STCW2010 certificates as well as lap top and music with variety of music.

  • Selects the music to be played in the club and for on-board events and activities;
  • Plays and mixes records to create atmosphere or keep people dancing;
  • Operates lighting and visual effects;
  • Looks after entertainment tools and equipment;
  • Provides the Head Entertainment Technician with a daily update on the inventory;
  • Attends any planning or operational meetings held by the Head Entertainment Technician;
  • If required, attends rehearsals for musicians and entertainment personnel;
  • Assists, where possible, to ensure that all performances and events commence on time;
  • If required by the Head Entertainment Technician, assists with technical direction and management;
  • Regularly inspects and monitors inventory of all sound, light, video and theatrical equipment in use, reporting any technical deficiencies, loss or damage, to the Head Entertainment Technician;
  • Follows and understands the company’s environmental policy, rules and regulations.

Proficient English Skills

  • 1 year proven technical experience (management and maintenance of audio, lighting and electronic entertainment equipment);
  • Previous experience on cruise lines is a plus;
  • A keen interest in and enthusiasm for music;
  • A confident and outgoing personality;
  • A good sense of timing and co-ordination;
  • Working knowledge of basic a/v equipment;
  • Ability to operate, program, troubleshoot and maintain equipment for theatrical and live entertainment venues;
  • Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment;
  • Problem solving skills and ability to think and react fast in ever changing scenarios.

STCW Certificates

You will need valid STCW certificates to apply for this position. Find an STCW course near you.

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