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Stage Staff / Theatrical Rigger
$2000 - $3311 Per Month
October 19, 2022


To assist the Stage Manager in providing effective and safe operation of all technical systems for programs, activities and events in all lounges


  1. Assist with maintenance of sound, lighting and projection equipment in all lounges and public areas
  2. In depth knowledge of theatrical support systems
  3. Assists Stage Manager in ensuring that all equipment is being used in a safe manner
  4. Assist Stage Manager in assuring that all equipment is maintained and to notify Stage Manager of any concerns or situations that could be a safety issue
  5. Provides scenery setup and breakdown as well as orchestra stand. Ensures that band keeps the bandstand in a safe and organized condition and notifies Stage Manager if this is not done
  6. Assists Stage Manager with operation of alternate venues if there are conflicts in the schedule
  7. Setup all auxiliary venues for groups, bands (back line and power) and other events as they are scheduled
  8. Operate spotlights for the production shows unless they are needed on stage for duties there
  9. Being familiar with entertainment activities and daily schedule in order to ensure that all activities and events are set-up and ready prior to the beginning of the events
  10. Ensure that “Local Crew Hires” (LCH) are trained in the safe use and operation of equipment and areas being accessed for show assistance.
  11. Train the LCH on the proper operation of the follow-spots, or stage setups they will be required to perform during productions
  12. Supervise the LCH while setting up or striking sets and props and provide the names and times to the Stage Manager for his payment records
  13. To ensure equipment used in activities are always in safe working condition by:
  • Familiarizing self with systems, equipment and accessories
  • Assisting the Stage Manager in conducting regular maintenance checks of all sound, lighting and projection equipment in lounges and pool deck, scenery, etc, reporting any maintenance issue to supervisor for proper action
  • Organizing, maintaining and proper storing of unused backdrops, scenery, musical and technical equipment
  • Handling equipment with care and not leaving it unattended (head sets, microphones, monitors, music stands, charts), and leaving the equipment locked and properly stored
  • Ensuring equipment is only handled by instructed and properly briefed people
  • Preparing and setting up for special presentations with A/V requirements and ensuring that all electrical connections are secure and cables are not a trip hazard
  • Keeping electrical and storage lockers locked when not in use and keeping these lockers clean and organized

General Accountabilities

1. To keep Stage Manager promptly and fully informed of all relevant matters,
2. Get to the point where you are able to deputize in his/her absence
3. To ensure confidentiality when handling sensitive information
4. To achieve the primary objectives of the position and comply with the above mentioned accountabilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with Regent Seven Seas Cruises policies
5. To project a favorable image of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, to promote its aims and objectives and foster and enhance public recognition and acceptance of all its areas and endeavor
6. To comply with the safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures at all times, participating in all relevant meetings and training sessions
7. To participate in all mandatory training without excuse
8. To observe and enforce uniform standards according to Regent Seven Seas Cruises policies and procedures
9. To efficiently perform all other duties as requested by shipboard management or shore-side

Education and Experience

  1. Spotlight Operation
  2. intermediate knowledge of sound and lighting systems
  3. intermediate knowledge of rigging and automation
  4. Excellent and proven communication skills
  5. Outgoing personality, open minded and flexible;
  6. Ability to work in an international environment;
  7. Ability to perform well under pressure;
  8. Excellent appearance and excellent social skills;
  9. Well organized;
  10. Works well without supervision when required


This cruise ship job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.

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