Cabin Stewardess Season 2023

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Cabin Steward / Stewardess
November 24, 2022

We are looking for Cabin Stewardess to work onboard River Ships Season 2023:


  • Must have experience onboard vessels as hotel chambermaid;
  • Must be able to deal with passengers in a professional manner;
  • Must have English and/ or German language skills;
  • Must be reliable and able to work unsupervised;
  • Must be able to work flexible time schedule and to the Company’s standards.


  • Be friendly to passengers and crew as well as focused on job tasks;
  • Twice daily cleaning and servicing of passengers’ cabins according to the Company’s standards;
  • Cleaning of corridors in passenger accommodation;
  • Welcome passengers at embarking/ disembarking when necessary;
  • Explain some of the facilities onboard and emergency procedures;
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of all equipment and any other Vessel’s property that he/she is working with;
  • Be responsibly minded for the breakage and loss of any equipment;
  • Follow the Head of Departments instructions, cooperate and be a good team worker;
  • Be aware and follow security/ fire/ safety procedures according to the Vessel’s rules and regulations;
  • Attend departmental meetings and training when requested;
  • Always be clean and follow the vessel’s uniform code whilst on duty;
  • No visible piercing whilst on duty other than regular female stud earrings;
  • No visible tattoos whilst on duty;
  • Have at all times short and clean fingernails, have trimmed and clean haircut
  • for men and moderate hairstyle for women, be aware of personal hygiene at all times;
  • Assist with loading of provisions and/or luggage when necessary;
  • Wash cookware, utensils, cutlery and dishes to keep them in rotation;

For more detailed information we invite to apply then one member of our team will contact you to schedule a meeting.

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