Ordinary Seaman O.S

February 24, 2020
Paul Gauguin Cruise Line
Deck Jobs
Able Seaman

5.19.1 Authority and Interrelation

  • The able seaman (AB) is a member of the deck department.
  • Member of the bridge team also authorised to perform the duties listed below.
  • Reports to the Master/OOW whilst on bridge duty and to the bosun for other jobs.

5.19.2 Responsibility (including but not limited to)

  • Understand and abide by all relevant documentation, regulations, guidelines and procedures. Sign copies as instructed by the superior officer to indicate understanding of the same.
  • Report any undesired events, unsafe practices or near accidents observed to the superior officer/s and attempt to rectify them if safely possible.
  • Keep bridge watch at sea and act as a helmsman or lookout.
  • Participate in the maintenance of the deck and its associated fittings as instructed by the bosun.
  • Participate in the maintenance and upkeep of accommodation spaces as instructed.
  • Participate in preparation of the vessel for arrival and departure port and participate in cargo (stores) loading and discharging operations.
  • Participate in the preparation of cargo space. (N/A)
  • Attend anchor & mooring station during arrival and departure port.
  • Participate in all training programme or drills as directed.
  • When directed, carry out other duties in other departments as directed by the chief officer (S/C) or bosun, within the limitations of his position and ability.
  • Will be a member of the safety committee or any other official shipboard body set up under the authority of the Master, if called upon to do so.
  • Participate in waste management duties as instructed by his supervising officer.
  • Perform security related duties as required by the Ship Security Officer.
  • Any other duties as delegated by the Master or chief officer within the scope of the rank.
  • Maintain an awareness of environmental and energy efficiency aspects and impacts as relevant to your role, and act as departmental environmental and energy efficiency representative if required (where applicable to the vessel ISO accreditation standard).


This cruise ship job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.

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