Staff Engineer/ 1st Engineer

November 27, 2019
Paul Gauguin Cruise Line
Engine / Technical Jobs
1st Engineer, Staff Chief Engineer

5.106.1 Authority and Interrelation

  • Senior most officer in the engine department after the Chief Engineer and a member of the shipboard management team.
  • Responsible to, and reports directly to the Chief Engineer.
  • As the Chief Engineer’s deputy, he is to take over control of the engine room if the Chief Engineer is unable to assume control or is absent from the vessel.
  • Independent engine room watch-keeping officer, if assigned by the Chief Engineer.
  • In charge of the safe management of engine room operations and maintenance activities.

5.106.2 Responsibility (including but not limited to)

  • Understand, abide by and implement all relevant documentation, regulations, guidelines and procedures. Sign copies as instructed by the superior officer to indicate understanding of the same.
  • Report any undesired events, unsafe practices or near accidents observed to the superior officer/s and attempt to rectify them if safely possible.
  • Inform the Chief Engineer accurately and promptly on all departmental activities and personnel issues.
  • Ensure correct and prompt execution of the Chief Engineer’s orders. Report the progress made to the Chief Engineer.
  • Supervise safe and efficient execution of maintenance and repairs carried out by engine staff.
  • Update and maintain the daily work book, running repair list, wear down measurements and the inventory of stores and spares and the execution of and other clerical duties as assigned by the Chief Engineer.
  • Assist the Chief Engineer in planning, executing and updating PMS-related activities.
  • Supervise effective and economical use of engine room resources. Manage spares, stores and tools of the Engine department.
  • Plan and supervise the routine maintenance, upkeep and cleanliness of the spaces allotted to the Engine Department including the engineers’ workshop and changing rooms.
  • Monitor and report as required, (to the Chief Engineer) on the discipline, cleanliness and appearance of Engine Room personnel.
  • Supervise all Engine room activity and ensure that set standards of safety, efficiency and protection of the environment and property are complied with.
  • Co-ordinate and co-operate with the Chief Officer/Staff Captain for work where personnel from both departments are required.
  • Ensure understanding and compliance to all applicable mandatory laws, codes, documents and standing orders by all staff under his supervision and identify areas requiring further training or change. These are to be reported to the Chief Engineer.
  • To understudy the Chief Engineer and perform security related duties as required by the Ship Security Officer.
  • Maybe appointed as the Ship Security Officer if suitably trained.
  • Actively participate in all drills, simulations and exercises conducted onboard and impart associated training as instructed by the Master or Chief Engineer.
  • Will be a member of the Safety Committee or any other official shipboard body set up under the authority of the Master, if called upon to do so.
  • Maintain an awareness of environmental and energy efficiency aspects and impacts as relevant to your role, and act as departmental environmental and energy efficiency representative if required (where applicable to the vessel ISO accreditation standard).
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