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Executive Chef de Cuisine
January 27, 2023

We are looking for Executive Chef to work onboard River Ships Season 2023:

Note: Our Agency also offers job opportuntities in Hotels, Restautants, Resorts in different European Countries 

Executive Chef

Objective / functional objectives
Customer perspective

Achieving guest satisfaction and standards in accordance with the specifications of the catalogues of services (CoS) and the target agreement Financial perspective
Adhering the food budget; keeping the F&B- and consumables cost and employee plan of action
Process perspective

Assuring compliance with the processes and quality controls in accordance with the kitchen handbook, to be able to offer consistent quality in his / her department
Employee development perspective

Ensuring that employees are well trained, treated decently, encouraged, promoted and continuously developed
Ensuring the lowest possible employee fluctuation
Actively support talents with potential in the professional career and encourage professional education and development
Strategy and planning
Jointly responsible for:

Establishing standard & quality assurance for the concept of hygiene to comply with the hygiene regulations (HACCP)
Providing the best possible running of the operational organization in his / her department (including preparation and serving on the buffet)
Implementing the menu cycle and supervising the communicated food budget
Preparing an appropriate meal plan for crew in strict accordance with the given crew food standards
Leadership and coordination

Jointly responsible for:

Training of the galley crew in dealing with guests, in terms of friendliness, assistance and service
Assuring professional cooperation with all departments on the vessel
Coordinating and controlling of the working schedule, days off and holiday planning
Performing the annual employee feedback qualification in accordance with the Corporate Executive Chef
Further coaching of the galley crew on board
Leading and motivating of the galley crew
Coordinating and controlling of the own working schedule
Strictly observing and controlling of the pre-defined crew working hours
Processes and procedures
Primarily responsible for:

Maintaining personal quality checks in his / her department to ensure the required guest satisfaction (target agreement)
Controlling delivery of goods, delivery notes; careful and proper handling and storage of all goods (food); creating all inventories in the galley department
Enforcing hygiene and impeccable cleanliness in his / her department and the pre-specified appearance in his / her area

Jointly responsible for:

Controlling the procurement of F&B (in line with occupancy), equipment and consumables in accordance to the budget and “Par Level”, ensuring the careful handling of all equipment (reporting of apparatus and machinery maintenance to avoid unnecessary replacement investments)
Organization and administration

Jointly responsible for:

Organizing the pre-opening / closing phase of the vessel
Organizing and conducting daily meetings with the galley team
Training the galley crew at the beginning of the season
Cooperation with the F&B and purchasing department in regards to food quality, in accordance with the Hotel Manager and / or Corporate Executive Chef
Communication and representation
Jointly responsible for:

Immediate reporting of special incidents to the Hotel Manager; depending on importance also to the Corporate Executive Chef
Ensuring conformity of predefined appearance / uniformity requirements and proper body care of his / her employees
Control and reporting

Jointly responsible for:

Ensuring compliance with the active and passive information flows in accordance with the organigram
Enforcing continuous monitoring and controlling of the costs and target performance (budget)
Special tasks
Jointly responsible for:

Active support of the hotel management
Attending all official events on board according to the instructions of the Hotel Manager
Regularly presence in the restaurant to ensure quality on the buffet and to communicate with guests
Participation in the head of department meetings
Participation in the crew show (if crew show is foreseen)
Supporting talented crew with potential for promotions on board – in agreement with the Corporate Executive Chef and / or Culinary Director
Competencies / skills

Action competences: in accordance with the Hotel Manager handbook
Performance Assessment / qualification
In accordance with annual target agreement
In accordance with annual employee feedback qualification

This cruise ship job has expired. You cannot apply for it anymore.

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