Medical Jobs on Cruise Ships

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  1. Shipboard Physiotherapist – Luxury Residential Mega Yacht

    Physiotherapist – Luxury Mega Yacht The World, Residences at Sea, is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. Employees...

    7 June 2024 - The World - English

    Massage Therapist

  2. Royal Caribbean Group

    Medical Secretary

    A Medical Secretary supports doctors and other members of themedical team by performing administrative and clerical work. As a MedicalSecretary,...

    6 June 2024 - Royal Caribbean Group - English

  3. V.Ships Leisure

    2nd Engineer for TULJA BHAVANI


    5 June 2024 - V.Ships Leisure - English


  4. Royal Caribbean Group


    As the onboard Doctor, you will provide medical services to crew members and guests. You will also support the Staff...

    4 June 2024 - Royal Caribbean Group - English


  5. Royal Caribbean Group


    The onboard Nurse provides nursing services to all At Sea employees and guests, and supports the Staff Captain and other...

    4 June 2024 - Royal Caribbean Group - English


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