Cruise Job Help

Cruise Job Help is a consultancy service offering tailored advice to everyone looking for a cruise ship job.

Are you looking for a job on a cruise ship but don't know where to start?
Cruise Job Help consultants can help you in following ways:

  • Analyse your Resume and give you a brief feedback on it;
  • Assess your qualifications, work experience and skills;
  • Give you more information about jobs you would like to have and advise which similar positions you might be suitable for;
  • Explain different types of employers and job types and advice what to focus on;
  • Tell you where and how to apply to be successful;
  • Give you more information about working on cruise ships.

Who are the Consultants?

Cruise Job Help consultants have many years of experience working on cruise ships in several positions, such as Barkeeper, Receptionist, Purser, Hotel Manager, etc. All advice is based on their first-hand experience.

Will they find you a job?

No, they won't. However, if you follow their advice, your chances of landing a cruise ship job of your dreams will significantly increase.

Is it Free?

No, it isn't. Consultants spend some time on each application and they have to be paid for it. However, the price is only $15 USD (€14 Euro, £12 GBP). If you think it's too much, think again. For only $15 you can significantly increase your chances of getting a cruise job. Is it not worth the investment?

Resume Writing Service

Have your Resume written by a professional Resume Writer who specialises in writing Resumes for candidates looking for cruise ship jobs.

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