Cruise Ship Job Scam Schemes

There are plenty of cruise ship employment scams out there. Don't get caught out! Be a step ahead of fraudsters. Learn how to spot a cruise ship job scam and stay safe.

Looking for the right job is a stressful experience. Unfortunately the rising number of cruise ship employment scams make it even worse.

Don't get caught out by scammers. Here is basic information on how you can spot a cruise ship job scam scheme.

Employment scams tend to have the following features:

  • Jobs are advertised on free websites. Scammers don't like to pay to advertise jobs that don't exist.
  • Scammers send emails from free email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, ZZN, Hotmail, etc.
  • All correspondence from scammers is in poor English and very unprofessional (e.g. saying "God bless you" at the end, etc.)
  • Be extremely careful when dealing with someone pretending to be a recruiter from Ghana or Malaysia. There are known scam schemes operating from these countries. They change their names on weekly basis.
  • Some scammers claim to have branches or headquarters in the "Western World", e.g. in the USA, Canada, or United Kingdom. However, addresses and telephone numbers they provide do not exist.
  • Most cruise ship job scammers don't charge admin fees. You get a job offer for free. You just need to pay for visa, lawyer fees, etc. Don't pay, the job offer is fake, you'll lose your money.
  • Remember, sending money via MoneyGram or Western Union isn't safe. Savings of too many good people ended up in fraudsters' pockets.

Getting a job on a cruise ship is a very difficult and lengthy process. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn't true!

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