Which Job?

A cruise ship is like a huge floating hotel with hundreds of employees who work and live onboard. There are many various positions available onboard cruise ship - from office administrators to chefs and seamen.

Here is a brief overview of different positions available on a typical cruise ship:

Office jobs

Office based positions within the cruise industry are mainly found in the following departments: bookings, administration, information technology, sales, human resources, customer services and marketing.


Entertainment jobs are the most sought-after positions on cruise ships: hosts and hostesses, cruise directors, cruise staff, disc jockeys, performers, shore excursion staff, etc.

Service and Hospitality

These are positions in the restaurants, bars, passenger cabins and retail: waiters and waitresses, bar tenders, cabin stewardesses, cooks, bakers, cleaners, gift-shop assistants etc.

Personal care

Employees in this department include beauticians, medical staff, massage therapists, fitness instructors, cosmetologists etc. Their main task is to contribute to the physical well-being of the passengers.

Deck & Engine Jobs

Employees in this department are responsible for the running and maintenance of the cruise ship. Positions in the deck department include deckhands, maintenance workers, engineers and officers.

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