Resume and Photo file requirements

If you want to apply for a cruise ship job on this website, you must have a Resume. Photographs are not mandatory but can increase your chances of being successful.

Your Resume

Recruiters want to see your Resume to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for the position you applied for. Read our quick guide to writing a good Resume.

To make sure recruiters will be able to open your Resume file, it must be saved in one of the most common text file formats:

  • DOC or DOCX (Microsoft Word)
  • PDF (Adobe Reader)
  • RTF (most text editors)

Your Resume should not be too large in file size. We limit the maximum file size of candidates' Resumes to 3MB. This allowance is more than enough for standard Resume.

If your Resume file is too large, please remove the unnecessary styling and images from it. You might have to start writing a new Resume from scratch if removing the extra styling doesn't help.

You can compress PDF files here.

Your Photograph

In most countries recruiters and employers are legally not allowed to ask for candidates' photos, unless the position they recruit for depends on employee's looks (e.g. entertainment staff, models, etc.).

However, it has been proved that including a photograph can increase your chances of being hired. For this reason we recommend you always upload a photograph when you register on All Cruise Jobs.

Make sure your photograph is in a JPG file format and is not larger than 5MB in file size. If your photo file extension is JPEG, rename it to JPG.

If your image is too large, you can use one of many free online tools to resize it, e.g.:

Your photo doesn't have to be taken by a professional photographer. Just make sure you look like a true professional on it (e.g. no pictures from a drunken night out) and you smile on it. It often helps if you have a picture of yourself in a uniform (e.g. chef, security guard, etc.) although it is not mandatory.

Resume Writing Service

Have your Resume written by a professional Resume Writer who specialises in writing Resumes for candidates looking for cruise ship jobs.

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