Employees on Cruise Ships

Did you know the staff on a typical cruise ship consists of more than 50 nationalities? American, British, South African, Romanian, Filipino, Italian,... you name it.

People who apply for a position on a cruise liner want to travel. However, that is not enough. Certain onshore experience from a related job and working with the public is always required.

The most common background experience is in the hospitality industry. Restaurants and hotels are perfect places for learning customer service and guest experience. The hotel and culinary schools and academies provide the best background. Graduates from these establishments are very often hired by the cruise lines.

Cruise lines also hire people with experience in tourism, entertainment, teaching, childcare, health and beauty, sales, customer relations, fitness, medicine and accounting.

All cruise staff must be able to communicate in English and knowledge of other Western languages is always a plus.

Those who have previously been employed on a cruise ship have an advantage as cruise lines prefer them. Some popular jobs (such as bartender, purser, tour staff, etc.) are often available only for experienced candidates but new people can sometimes get a position as a bartender if they show their qualities during the interview.

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