How to apply to be successful

This article is not supposed to be a guideline to applying for a cruise ship job. It is a brief compilation of advice based on most common mistakes made by candidates registered on All Cruise Jobs.

Do a thorough research

Find out as much as you can about working on cruise ships before you apply for jobs. Our sister website Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs contains a lot of useful information.

If you are stil unsure which positions you should go for, what qualifications you need, if your experience is satisfactory and relevant, register with Cruise Job Help and get helpful advice from professional cruise employment consultants. This is a paid service but we believe it might be the best $15 you can spend to get the job of your dreams.

Be active

Registering with All Cruise Jobs and other website is a step in the right direction. However, a lot of you register, upload their Resume but never actually apply for any jobs.

Although some recruiters do actively search our database of Resumes, relying on being spotted by recruiters is not enough.

Be more proactive and apply for jobs you are interested in and you think you'd be a suitable candidate for.

Be consistent

When you register on All Cruise Jobs, you can select the preferred positions you would like to work on. However, about half of you choose too many positions.

You cannot be a good Marketing Manager, Cook, Captain and Nurse at the same time. If you select too many unrelated positions, you will not succeed. You would look like someone who doesn't know what he/she wants to do and no cruise line will hire you.

Be focused. For example, if you have some experience in catering, apply for relevant positions within the Food and Beverage department.

Do not apply for senior positions if you have no or little previous experience. Similarly, do not apply for jobs which require qualifications you don't hold. You'd be wasting your and recruiters' time.

Watch your language

Too many job seekers use inappropriate language in their covering letters, emails, Resumes and job applications.

Do not try to be cool and use textspeak. "Thnx 4 ur time" is NOT appropriate in your email to the recruiter.

Although in some countries it is acceptable to mention God and recipient's family in official correspondence, most recruiters and employers within the cruise line industry live in the Western countries and some might consider well intended "God bless you and your family" offending and annoying. Avoid it, be polite but straight to the point.

Do not make it difficult to find out about you

Prepare a clear, brief, informative, well styled Resume. Recruiters have only a few seconds to look at your Resume. If it is difficult to read or find out about you, they will not bother. There are thousands of other Resumes waiting for them.

A lot of you make simple mistakes such as incorrect use of upper and lower case letters in your job applications. Text in all capitals is difficult to read. Text in all lower-case letters suggests you are not serious about the job you applied for because you didn't even bother pressing the shift key on your keyboard. It really is so simple but makes a huge difference.

More advice

Visit the Free Guide to Cruise Ship Jobs for more advice on how to find a job on a cruise ship.

For more personal, indepth report visit Cruise Job Help.

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