Recruitment Agents

Almost all major cruise lines have their own recruitment agents established in particular regions of the world. Most staff gets hired through these agents.

Role of a Recruitment Agent

The best way of finding employment on a cruise ship is to contact a recruitment agent who works for the specific cruise line, if you have decided which cruise line you wish to work for.

The Human Resource departments of the cruise lines would not be able to manage all the inquiries from particular applicants from over the world and that is why they use the service of the recruitment agents.

Recruitment agents are responsible for choosing suitable applicants. The agent presents the applicants to the interviewer from the cruise line. It is the agent's task to select from numerous applications only those who match the cruise line's requirements.

The recruitment agent checks the applicant's experience, references, criminal record and they will arrange the medical examinations so that the cruise line representative meets completely prepared people at the interview.

Recruitment Agents Directory

Find a recruitment agent in your country/region in the following directory of recruitment agents for cruise lines.

Employment Scams

Be aware of various cruise ship job scams. Don't get caught out!

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