A Good Resume

Recruitment agents and cruise companies get thousands of Resumes every month. Because there are not too many positions available, the majority of Resumes are put aside. If you want to get the job on a cruise liner, you must have a good Resume.


First of all, a bit of clarification: "Resume" in the USA and Canada is the same as "Curriculum Vitae" (CV) in the United Kingdom or New Zealand - a brief summary of candidate's education and relevant work experience for the purpose of finding a new employment.

Be Specific

Your Resume and covering letter should target a specific job. Describe your work experience, skills and education that directly relate to the position you're applying for. Don't just list what you have accomplished but also demonstrate how you can contribute to the passengers' cruise experience.

Don't apply for "any job available" - such applications will be disregarded.

Content and Structure

A good Resume should include previous work experience, duties, responsibilities, awards, education achievements, degrees and certificates.

When you list your academic background, begin with the highest education that you've achieved. Also, your employment history should be listed in reverse chronological order - beginning with your latest position.

List the languages you speak and indicate the level (fluent, intermediate, basic).

Get a better Resume

If you struggle writing a good Resume, have it written by a professional Resume Writer and increase your chances of getting hired. All Cruise Jobs offer such service, tailored for candidates looking for jobs on cruise ships:

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